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4 questions to ask before viewing a property for sale

Posted on Wed September 08, 2021 | By Kenisha Beggs

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a pro, buying a property is a big undertaking. It’s easy to fall so in love with a property that you lose sight of the more practical considerations. Therefore, we urge you to ask us these questions before even viewing the property.

Tips on how to improve the value of your home

Posted on Fri August 06, 2021 | By Kareem Adams

Tips on how to improve the value of your home

Wondering how to add value to your home? If you want to know how to add value to your home it’s important to tick all the right boxes so you are actually adding value without spending a fortune. Thankfully there are lots of brilliant ways to add value and boost the appeal of your home.

Certain projects are quick and easy and will add instant interior appeal while others may be larger extensions that will give you curb appeal or help your house sell for the right price on the property market. Here are 4 tips which will help add value: 



4 things that sellers can do to avoid any potential delays in the sales process.

Posted on Fri June 11, 2021 | By Renee Charles
Are you thinking of selling property? Well, here are 5 things to keep in mind to avoid delays in the sale process. 
things that sellers can do to avoid any potential delays in the sales process.

Covenants on Residential Properties

Posted on Wed June 09, 2021 | By Kareem Adams

Here at Terra Caribbean Grenada we advise our clients to carefully review the covenants of a property, and consideration must be given to whether the covenants create a benefit or impose a burden to you prior to purchasing it, based on the purchaser’s intended use for the property.


Staging Your Home For Sale

Posted on Thu March 18, 2021 | By Sherma-Ann Roberts-Joseph

If you've missed Time with Terra Radio Edition, here's a recap! Here are 6 staging tips Sherma-Ann Roberts Joseph - Real Estate Agent- advises for property owners thinking of selling their home.

Are you thinking of Buying Land?

Posted on Thu January 28, 2021 | By Renee Charles

Buying land can be a lengthy process, however, we're here to help. As we know, this is one of the largest investments most people will make in their lifetime; therefore ensuring that you're making the right decision is key. 

If you've missed Time With Terra Radio Edition on Tuesday, here's a recap!This checklist from Renee Charles - Real Estate Agent - will help ensure you are on the right path to making your purchase is a success! 

Grenada Real Estate Sales Market (Quarter 1 to Quarter 3, 2020)

Posted on Mon November 02, 2020 | By Kareem Adams & Livonne Charles

We have broken down the real estate sales market for Grenada for Q1 - Q3 of 2020 and made comparisons with 2019 sales within the same period to examine the total number and value of sale transactions, sales performance by parish and by prime residential neighborhoods. We have also reviewed number and value of sales by property types and classifications.

Click Here to view full report.

Moving Back to Grenada to Live. What should you know about Real Estate in Grenada.

Posted on Thu October 15, 2020 | By Livonne Charles

Many Grenadians living in the diaspora have intentions of moving back to Grenada and, given the current unusual circumstances, many are even more desirous of coming back home sooner than later. After all, there's no place like home. 


Posted on Thu July 30, 2020 | By Terra Caribbean Grenada

Having been put on mandatory lockdown with strict curfews in March, businesses were faced with two options, work from Home (WFM) or not at all. In some cases the work from home option was not a viable alternative which significantly affected the productivity of those businesses. For others, working from home provided new opportunities for efficiency and productivity. Even for those companies however, the opportunities were accompanied by relevant challenges, lack of  technical preparedness and family disruptions being the main problems. To understand people’s attitudes toward WFM versus working in an office, the Terra Caribbean group surveyed over 500 office workers across Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad & St. Lucia. 


Click Here for a more in-depth look at the report. 


Posted on Thu July 16, 2020 | By Leila Maria La Touche

Rent Negotiations

Posted on Tue May 12, 2020 | By Leila Maria La Touche
Maria's Blog Post Image

During these challenging and uncertain “covidious” times landlord and tenant negotiations have been at the forefront of many conversations in both the commercial and residential contexts. The reality is at the core of this conversation and negotiation is that these relationships are controlled by landlord and tenant law but flexibility on the part of both landlords and tenants is key to achieving an optimal outcome. Having to wear both hats during this time as well as act as a mediator or middle man in some instances has provided a unique and informed perspective as it relates to the various ways these negotiations can proceed.

Agricultural Lands in Real Estate in Grenada

Posted on Mon May 11, 2020 | By Livonne Charles

As the real estate industry is impacted by the current crisis, and with other sectors of the economy continuing to struggle, several people are starting to pay attention to sustainability, diversity, food security and products we can export. We can all point fingers at who is responsible and what should have been done in the past to boost agriculture, but ‘Hindsight is 20/20’. This simply means that it's easy to know the right thing to do after something has happened. This blog post is not to put blame on anyone; frankly, we should aim to move forward by developing proper plans and solutions.

Factors to Consider When Buying Land to Build your Home

Posted on Wed April 01, 2020 | By Livonne Charles

Finding your dream home isn’t easy. Everyone has particular tastes and preferences, so you may not find your dream home already on the market for sale. If you want to have your dream home, you will have to build it, like many others have done. This means you have to first find the land; that is, if you’re not lucky enough to have inherited some.

Let's Talk About Grand Anse

Posted on Fri August 16, 2019 | By Livonne Charles

Every year for Grenada’s carnival there must be one song that is a hip trend. For 2019 we have the song from Khalifah and Melo ‘Grand Anse, Grand Anse’. To most people the song is catchy and hilarious. In real estate terms ‘Grand Anse, Grand Anse’ is also trending as we see more and more companies in the city, St. George’s, move their offices to or open additional offices in the sub city Grand Anse.

Terra Heart 2019

Posted on Wed June 26, 2019

Terra Heart is a campaign geared towards giving back (whether through voluntary assistance, monetary donations, etc.) to the community. To commence this year’s Terra Heart, we focused on ‘Education.’ 

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Terra Tip Clip

Posted on Fri June 14, 2019


It is our pleasure to welcome you all to the first of many Terra Tip Clips. This series will be dedicated to providing informative and essential tips in the world of real estate.
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The Red Book Grenada 2019

Posted on Mon June 03, 2019

Terra Caribbean Grenada, the most well-established real estate provider in Grenada, released its second biennial edition of The Red Book on June 3rd, 2019. This well-received and highly anticipated publication, first published by Terra Caribbean Barbados in 2008, is a comprehensive review of the real estate market, filled with insightful articles for guiding and assisting clients in making informed decisions. The Red Book Grenada 2019 successfully highlights the various real estate infrastructures and opportunities that the Isle of Spice has to offer. Once again, the publication is filled with a variety of property listings including those in Prime Locations, Grenadian Classics, Developments, Vacant Land, and Commercial Sales and Rentals.

Terra Heart 2018

Posted on Thu December 20, 2018 | By Terra Caribbean


Terra Heart is a campaign created by Terra Caribbean Grenada, geared towards giving back (whether through voluntary assistance, monetary donations, etc.) to the community in the various parishes of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. We truly believe that our assistance can help motivate and improve the lives of those in need. This Christmas our campaign was dedicated to the Programme for Adolescent Mothers, GSPCA Animal Shelter, The Queen Elizabeth Home for Children and the Grand Anse Home for the Aged.
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Time with Terra Episode 2

Posted on Wed July 25, 2018

Welcome to our second episode of Time with Terra; our web series dedicated to keeping you in the know. This episode features Mrs. Renee Charles, our Brokerage Manager, along with two of Grenada’s banking industry experts: Mr. Musa Jasat, Country Manager of the RBTT Bank Grenada Ltd. and Mrs. Florence Williams, Executive Manager-Loans & Credit Administration of the Ariza Credit Union Ltd. Click to view the full episode. 

Time with Terra- Terra Caribbean Grenada

Posted on Fri March 09, 2018

We are proud to announce the release of the first episode of our web series entitled ‘Time with Terra.’ These episodes will be dedicated to providing you with relevant market data, trends, rental and selling tips, and property management and valuation advice. Click to view the full episode. 

A Night to Remember - Terra Caribbean Web Launch

Posted on Wed December 21, 2016 | By Terra Caribbean

Thursday December 15 was a night to remember for the Terra Caribbean team: the venue, the newly finished and amazingly stunning Apes Hill Club House; the occasion, a cocktail reception officially launching our new Terra Caribbean website.

The NRA Launch Cocktail

Posted on Fri September 30, 2016
Terra Team & Guests

The National Realtors Association of Grenada hosted a launch cocktail for their members and specially invited guests. This event created a favourable atmosphere for networking and socializing.