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Water Zones & Development - Tomorrow

Posted on Fri June 26, 2020 | By Lisanne Graham , Leader - Advisory


In our last blog, we looked at what the current water zones are across the island, and the restrictions in development as outlined in the Barbados Physical Development Plan (Amended) 2003. The Draft 2017 Physical Development Plan, outlines an update to the Groundwater Protection Act to reflect a refined approach to defining Groundwater Protection Areas and the delineation of new zones of protection.

Tips On Getting A Mortgage

Posted on Tue June 16, 2020 | By Huanna Leon, Real Estate Agent

Our agent, Huanna Leon, shares some tips on getting a mortgage!

Can I still buy?

Posted on Tue June 16, 2020 | By Emma Huston , Real Estate Agent


YES!! We haven’t stopped working for you – we have been working remotely and now are back in the office. We have had to adapt to the new norm but we are excited to still be working with you. Email us, call us or check out our social media pages!

Summer 2020

Posted on Thu June 11, 2020 | By Karyn Fakoory , Real Estate Agent


Let’s vacation in paradise – let’s stay home.

Diving into the rental realm during COVID-19

Posted on Thu June 04, 2020 | By Rosey McCartney , Real Estate Agent

How do we breach the conversation on rental rates with our current landlords and tenants?