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Summer 2020

Thursday, June 11, 2020 | By Karyn Fakoory , Real Estate Agent
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Many of us look forward to “getting off the rock” at least once a year, this year unfortunately our well-thought-out, anticipated travel plans have been / or will be postponed. Over the past few weeks however, I have received numerous calls from clients and friends who are looking to capture that much-needed adventure and relaxation they usually get from their travels from our very own island in the sun. 

This is truly the time to appreciate our beautiful island and take a real vacation, without getting on a plane. Imagine yourself gazing across the marina at Port St. Charles, then calling the water taxi to take you over to the clubhouse for lunch. Or sitting on the porch at Reeds Bay Villa listening to the lap of the waves on the beach while you play Scrabble with your kids. Would you prefer a Villa atop a cliff in St. Philip?  How about a golf vacation at Royal Westmoreland or Apes Hill? Or a beachfront condo at Waterside where you can walk onto the white sand and plunge into that turquoise sea, grab a roti from across the street, and have drinks and dinner at Scarlett’s? Or a fabulous home like Atelier with spectacular views?

There are villas and apartments to suit every taste and budget, with wonderful amenities to be enjoyed. 

If we all took our much-needed vacations, even if it is for just a weekend, we can help our economy as well as our emotional wellbeing. So let’s do this, let’s vacation in paradise – let’s stay home.


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