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Greetings From My Desk

Posted on Wed April 08, 2020 | By Susan Armfield

 Home Office

It’s day 5 of the 24-hr curfew and I feel as though the world is now rotating at a quarter of her normal speed and the stillness all around asks “is creation is holding its breath."

What is Short, Mid and Long-term Rental?

Posted on Mon January 06, 2020 | By Susan Armfield, Real Estate Agent

When it comes to residential property, what do short, mid and long-term rentals mean and how do they impact rental rates?

Perspectives on Pricing

Posted on Fri April 13, 2018 | By Susan Armfield, Real Estate Agent

Sue Armfield, Real Estate Agent

We know there are several aspects of our day-to-day where we interface with you, but today, I am here to give you further insight into the behind-the-scenes of our pricing practice - where we aim to achieve the best results for you! So, keep reading as I present to you five nuggets of insight into de-mystifying our process of assessing and providing professional advice on pricing and setting rental rates.

Now is the Time to Buy!

Posted on Tue June 13, 2017 | By Susan Armfield

Here’s to a great June and start of the second quarter of 2017!

Fashions change, but principles tend not to, so a man/woman’s home is still their Castle.

Most of us do not have enough savings or collateral to qualify for a mortgage or land loan before we are in our late 20’s or later.