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Investing in The Landing Resort & Spa St. Lucia

Posted on Mon November 15, 2021 | By Marella Devaux, Real Estate Agent

Clients often ask for rental properties in St. Lucia that are within a gated community. There are a few gated communities on island, many of which are located in the north of the island, and each differ depending on their location, amenities and views. 

Today I want to share with you one that offers you all the comforts of being in a gated community, while allowing you to enjoy all the perks of a resort - The Landing Resort & Spa.

All About IBCs in St. Lucia

Posted on Sat May 08, 2021 | By Okizia Lambert, Real Estate Agent

Understanding the intricacies of IBCs in St. Lucia can be overwhelming. Terra Caribbean's helpful overview seeks to shed light on this important topic.

Property Feature - Rodney Bay Commercial Building, St. Lucia

Posted on Thu March 04, 2021 | By Gilbert Fontenelle, Real Estate Agent
Rodney Bay Commercial Building Space

A commercial space with road visbility, accessibility and close proximity to Rodney Bay & IGY Marina.

Rethinking The Office

Posted on Thu August 27, 2020 | By Terra Caribbean


Over the years, there has been a growing global trend towards the Working From Home (WFH) concept. However, to date this trend has not been widely embraced in St. Lucia or the wider Caribbean. Due to Covid-19, at the end of March, 2020 with little to no notice, companies were all thrust into having to mobilize their teams to work remotely. With the phased reopening of Caribbean economies in June, we thought it would be interesting to have a greater understanding of people’s attitudes towards WFH. As such, over 500 office workers were surveyed across the region - Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia and Trinidad.

Tips On Getting A Mortgage

Posted on Tue June 16, 2020 | By Huanna Leon, Real Estate Agent

Our agent, Huanna Leon, shares some tips on getting a mortgage!

Factors That Affect Residential Property Values

Posted on Wed May 20, 2020 | By Marissa Justin, Valuer

When it comes to buying or selling a home, there are a few factors that one should always take into consideration as it relates to pricing. The buyer wants a great deal and the seller wants as much as they can get for their property. In the end, both should feel that they got a good and fair deal. To help you (whether you are the buyer or seller or both) make informed decisions and have a realistic approach to the potential current value of a home, we have highlighted some basic characteristics that affect the value of properties.

Welcome To Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Posted on Tue March 03, 2020 | By Gilbert Fontenelle, Real Estate Agent

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Like many a sailor in years past, here is your opportunity to “discover” Marigot Bay, a picturesque waterside community on our west coast, between the city of Castries and the town of Soufriere. It has been described by the prolific American novelist James A. Michener as “The Most Beautiful Bay in the Caribbean". Marigot Bay holds a certain allure that is unique in the world, with a mixture of lush green mountains, turquoise reefs and beaches, and a choice of varied accommodations.