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Is Buying Repossessed Houses a Good Investment?

Posted on Fri September 29, 2023 | By Terra Caribbean Barbados
Is Buying Repossessed Houses a Good Investment?
There are several different types of properties you can buy, including repossessed homes. Explore the pros and cons of purchasing a repossessed home.


Grenada Real Estate Market Analysis Q1 & Q2 2023

Posted on Mon September 25, 2023 | By Terra Grenada

We have broken down the real estate sales market for Grenada for Q1-Q2 of 2023 and made comparisons with 2022 sales within the same period to examine the total number and value of sale transactions, sales performance by parish and by prime residential neighborhoods.We have also reviewed number and value of sales by property types and classifications.

Click here to view the full report. 

A Brief Guide To Properly Evaluate Your Home’s Value

Posted on Wed September 13, 2023 | By Terra Caribbean Barbados
A Brief Guide To Properly Evaluate Your Home’s Value
One of the most important things to know before selling your house is its current value. Here is a brief guide to properly evaluating your home’s value.

Before You Sell Your Property

Posted on Fri September 08, 2023 | By Terra Caribbean Trinidad
Before You Sell

Selling a property can be a momentous event in your life. It is not merely a transaction but a complex process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. Whether you're parting ways with a beloved family home or divesting an investment property, the decision to sell is a significant one. It's a journey that involves not only financial considerations but also emotional attachments and logistical challenges.

As vendors, you are in a unique position where you have the power to shape the future of your property. The decisions you make before listing your property for sale can greatly impact your experience and the outcome of the sale. To navigate this process successfully, you need a well-thought-out plan and a clear understanding of the steps involved.