Site Plan






Barbados Properties

Adams Castle Lot 102
Adams Castle Lot 32A
Adams Castle Lot 33B
Adams Castle Lot 36A
Adams Castle Lot 38A
Adams Castle Lot 77
Adams Castle Lot 93
Adams Castle Lot 97
Alamanda Row 5
Alexander Court
Alphonzo House Suite 4
Amberley House and Cottage
Anani House
Apes Hill Country Club Cottages
Apes Hill Polo Estate Lot 1
Apes Hill Polo Estate Lot 18
Apes Hill Polo Estate Lot 42
Apes Hill Polo Estate Lot 6
Apes Hill Polo Field Lot 26
Apes Hill Polo Villa 12
Apes Hill Polo Villa 3
Applegrove Lot 34
Armstrong Warehouse and Office
Art Studio Apartment No 1
Art Studio Apartment No 2
Ashford Plantation
Ashton Clinic
Ashton Clinic 1
Ashton Clinic 2
Atlantic Park 55
Atlantic Shores No 15
Atlantic Shores No 20
Atlantic Shores No 24
Bakers Woods Lot 106D
Balmoral Hall 2
Bamboo Ridge 17
BAMP Office Complex
Bannatyne Garden 43
Barbados Golf Club Suite 1
Barbados Golf Club Suite 2
Barbados Golf Club Suite 3
Barbados Golf Club Suite 4
Barbados Golf Club Suite1-3
BARP Office Building
Bartlett No 12 Lower
Bartlett No 12 Upper
Bathsheba 7A
Bay Corporate and The Corporate Centre
Bay Street Building
Bayfield Lot 28
Beach View Condominium 105
Beach View Condominium 201
Beach View Unit 103
Beach View Unit 104
Beach View Unit 202
Beach View Unit 311
Beacon Hill 101 Chattel House
Beacon Hill 103 Palm
Beacon Hill 302 Aviary
Beacon Hill Penthouse 305
Beacon House
Beacon House
Bela Vista
Belair 103
Belair Lot 7
Belair Pines No 26A
Bella Vista - Rendezvous
Bella Vista Development Lot 39
Belleville No 10
Belleville No 10A
Bend Land
Berne Office Suite 2
Beverley House
Beyond Belief
Birds Eye Ridge Lot No 117
Black Bess Lot 3
Black Bess Lot 7
Blue Moon
Blue Waters G102
Blue Waters No 8
Blue Waters Townhouse No 2
Boarded Hall Lot 2
Bottom Bay Lot 9
Bougainvillea Estate 53
Brigade House
Buckden Lot 2B
Bushy Park 634
Bushy Park Lot 25
Buttsbury Court
Buttsbury Court
Cabbage Tree Green J-40
Cabbage Tree Green J-43
Cabbage Tree Green J-45
Cabbage Tree Green Lot 14
Cabbage Tree Green Lot J-27
Cabbage Tree Green Lot J-4
Calijanda Estate Lot 2B
Calijanda Lot 12
Calijanda Lot 12
Callenders Crescent 39
Callenders Crescent Lot 20
Callenders Lot 17
Calmaro House
Cameron Park No 17
Cane Garden Crescent No 4
Cane Garden Crescent No 4
Cane Tops
Canewood Terrace
Capri Manor
Capri One
Caribbee Hotel & Lands
Carlisle House
Carlton View Lot 18
Casa Bella
Casa de Leo Studio 2
Cassia Heights No 17
Cassia Heights No. 26
Castle Grant Plantation
Casuarina Estates Lot 269
Chamberlaine Ground Floor 1
Chancery Lane No 37
Chelsea House 1W
Chelsea House I
Clapham Close D3
Clapham Ridge No 2
Clapham Ridge No 2
Clearwater Bay
Clermont Green 15
Clermont Green 36
Clermont Lot D
Clermont Lot D Bottom Flat
Clermont Lot D Top Flat
Clermont Terrace Lot 29
Clerview Heights 65
Cliff Meadows Lot 8
Cliff Plantation
Cockade House
Coco De Mer
Coconut Cottage
Coconut Grove 5
Coconut Grove 6
Coconut Ridge No 1
Coles Terrace
Coles Terrace 206
College Savannah Lot 71B
Colleton Gardens Lot 20
Colleton Gardens Lot 3
Colleton Gardens Lot 39
Colleton Gardens Lot 4
Content Cot Lot 11
Coral Cliff 19
Coral Cliff House
Coral Cove 6 - The Ivy
Coral Sundown
Coralita Apartments
Costa Vista 5
Cotton Bay Close 8
Cotton Bay Close No 1
Country View Estate Lot 334
Country View Estate Lot 535
Courtyard Villa 17
Courtyard Villa 18
Coverley - Amaryllis
Coverley - Bougainvillea
Coverley - Casuarina
Coverley - Sugar Cane
Coverley Lot 12
Crocodile Den
Crystal Beach Apt 3
Crystal Court 902
Crystal Heights 157
CS&C Lower Estate Lot 1
CS&C Lower Estate Lot 12
CS&C Lower Estate Lot 7
Cumbrae Garden
Curates House
Dairy Meadows No 29
Dayrells Court Business Centre 2
Dayrells Court Business Centre 4
Dayrells Phase 2 Lot 15
Dayrells Road Office
Deebles Point Lot 53
Dells Will
Douglas Development 7
Dover Palms Lot
Drake House
Drax Hall Jump Lot 18
Drax Hall Lot 103C
Dunscombe Lot 6
Durants Fairway 110
Durants Green No 87
Durants Lot 44A
Durants Lots 2B and 2C
Ealing Grove 29
Ealing Park Lot 15
Ealing Park Lot 3
East Coast Road Land
East Point Development Land
East Wind
Eaux de Vie
Edghill Terrace No 5B
El Refugio
El Sol 34 *
El Sol Sureno 13
El Sol Sureno 13
El Sol Sureno 21
El Sol Sureno No 30
El Sol Sureno Penthouse 12
El Sol Sureno Unit 2
El Sol Sureno Unit 32 *
Emerald Beach Villa 3 - Ixoria
Emerald Park Lot 196
Emerald Park West No 207
Emerald Woods Townhouse 2
Enterprise Lot 8
Enterprise Palms
Fairview Heights Lot 16
Fairview Plantation No 4
Fairway Villa No 3
Fairway Villas 4
Fairway Villas 4
Flamboyant 37
Fontabelle Office Building
Forest Hills No 12
Forest Hills No 29
Forest Hills No 7
Fort George 17
Fort George Heights Lot 66
Fort George Lot 25
Fortescue 120
Foul Bay Lot 2C
Foul Bay No 51
Foursquare No 8
Friendship Drive No 11
George Harris Building
George Street No 22
Gibbons Commercial 6B
Gibbons Commercial 6C
Gibbs Breeze
Gibbs Glade Lot 18
Gibbs Lot 11A
Gibbs Lot 17A
Gibbs Lot 17B
Glen Acres 33
Glen Acres No 31
Glen Acres No 69
Glitter Bay 305
Glitter Bay 309
Glitter Bay Unit 203 Ocean Blue
Goding House
Golden Acre Townhouses
Golden Anchorage Nos 19-22
Golden Grove Unit 215
Golden View Unit 429
Golf Club Road No 1
Goodland Gardens
Graeme Heights Lot 4
Grand Fairway Villa 2
Grand Fairway Villa 4
Great Hill Lot I-2
Great Hill Lot I-30
Great Hill Lot I-39
Green Tails Two
Gunsite 20
Gunsite Townhouse No 24
Haggat Hall Unit F
Haggat Hall Unit G
Haggatt Hall Office
Half Moon Fort - Around The Bay
Hamble House and Cottage Sandy Lane Estate
Harmony Hall Green 101
Harmony Hall Green 312
Harmony Hall Green 424
Harmony Hall Green 601
Harris Court
Hastings Lot 1B
Hastings Towers 2C
Heron Court 18
Heron Court 3
Heron Court No 5
Heron Mill Estate Dev Lot 10
Heron Mill Estate Lot 12
Heron Mill Estate Lot 25
Heron Mill Estate Phase 2
Heywoods 124
Heywoods 130
Heywoods Lot 213
Heywoods Lot 215
Heywoods Park 208
Hibiscus Avenue No 95
Hibiscus No 67
Hibiscus No 67
High Park Meadows Lot 1
Hilbury 7 & 7A
Hill Close Drive Lot 31
Hill View Estate Lot 6
Hillcrest Avenue No 14
Hillview B1A
Hilton Road Garden Apt
Hiltop No 11
Holders Land
Holders Meadow H-29
Holders Meadow H-31
Holders Meadow H-8
Horizon House 1
Horizon House 2
Horizon House 3
Horse Farm
Humming Bird
Hyde Park Apartment
Inch By Inch
Inch Cape Terrace 146
Inch Marlow Lot 17
Inch Marlow Lot C1
Inch Marlow No 25
Indramer 3
James Street Property
Jamestown Townhouse No 1
Jamestown Townhouse No 3
Jasmine Gardens No 3
Jasmine Ridge Lot 16
Java Avenue 72B
Java Avenue 72B
Kendall Garden Lands
Kent Lot 11
Kingsland Crescent Lot 809
Kingston Lot
Kirtons Agricultural
Kurri Kurri 39
Kurri Kurri 39B
Lagoon Development
Lalique Drive 277
Lalique Drive Lot 281 C
Land at Weston
Landsdown Lot 2
Lantana 14
Lantana Unit 40
Lasco Building
Lasco Building
Lashleys Road
Lauriston Suite 101 (east)
Lears 22 Acres
Lears Business Park Lot 20
Lears Business Park Lot 5
Les Fleurs Morning Glory Unit 1
Lewis Tower First Floor
Lighthouse Bay
Lighthouse Resort
Limegrove Villa No 7
Lion Castle Estate
Lion Castle Plantation House
Lion Castle Polo Estate Lot 17A
Lion Castle Polo Estate Lot 21
Lion Castle Polo Estate Lot 8A
Littland Plantation Lot 2
Little Kent Lot 17
Little Kent Lot 26
Little Kent Lot 27
Little Kent Lot 4
Lodge Gardens 1
Lower Estate Land
Lower Estate Lot 1
Lower Estate Lot 5
Lower Estate Lot 5
Lowlands Heights No 2
Lowlands Warehouse 1
Mahogany Court
Mahogany Park Lot 3
Mango Crescent No 2
Mangrove Plantation
Manor Lodge Bld 1 Suite 1
Manor Lodge Bld 1 Suite 2
Maple Gardens 23
Margate Gardens No 10
Margate Gardens No 12
Mario Drive 31E
Marshall Hall
Maxor House
Maxwell Beach Villas 203
Maxwell Beach Villas 301
Maxwell Beach Villas 301
Maxwell Beach Villas Apt 402
Maxwell Close Development Lot 1
Maxwell Lot 1
Maxwell Lot 3
Maxwell Lot 3
Maxwell Main Road Lot 1
Mayhoe Avenue 142
Maynards Grove Lot 6
Maynards Grove No 34
Maynards Grove No 34
Maynards Lot 111
McBrides Pub and Cookhouse
McBrides Pub and Cookhouse
Meadow View Lot 33
Merricks Development Land
Mistle Cove 103
Mistle Cove No 101
Mistle Cove No 410
Mistle Cove No 411
Monkey Business
Moonshine No 303
Moonshine Ridge A13
Morgans Cove
Mount Gardens 45
Mount Joy Ave 36 Apt 2
Mount Pleasant No 37
Mount Pleasant Ridge 90
Mount Pleasant Ridge 90 & 92
Mount Pleasant Ridge 92
Mount Prospect Lot 1
Mount Prospect Lot 2
Mount Prospect Lot 6
Mount Standfast
Mount Wilton
Neil Kirt Gardens 33
Newcastle Lot 9
Newton Terrace No 25
Nicholas House Second Floor
Norman Centre Mall 1st Floor
Norman Centre Mall Gnd Floor
Norman Centre Mall Kiosks
North Light A1
North Shore Dental Building Office 3
Ocean City Lot 1
Ocean City Lot 23
Ocean City Lot 93
Ocean City Lots 1 and 23
Ocean City No 123
Ocean City No 124
Ocean Drive 17
Ocean Drive Lot 18
Ocean House Ocean Drive
Ocean One 301
Ocean One No 203
Ocean One Penthouse 601
Ocean One Unit 403
Ocean Reef 100
Ocean Reef 101
Ocean Reef 102
Ocean Reef 102
Ocean Reef 103
Ocean Reef 201
Ocean Reef 202
Ocean Reef 301
Ocean Reef Penthouse Cottage
Ocean Two 103
Ocean Two 309
Ocean Two 406
Ocean Two 511
Ocean Two Unit 104
Oistins Lot 2
Oistins Property
Oldbury Tenantry Lot 1
One Republic Place
One Republic Place
One Sandy Lane
Orange Hill 816
Orange Hill No 815
Orange Hill No 83
Oyster Bay
Palm Beach No 104
Palm Court
Palm Crescent A101 Sugar Hill
Palm Grove No 10
Palm Ridge No 7
Palm View No 4
Pangola Court No 10
Park Road 140
Pavilion Cottage
Paynes Bay House
Peach and Quiet Hotel
Perfect 10
Peronne Village No. 3
Phoenix Centre
Piedmont Lot 19
Piedmont No 10
Pilgrim Place
Pine Lodge FFC
Pine Lodge FFS
Plastic Containers
Pollards Mill
Port Ferdinand 103
Port Ferdinand 201
Port Ferdinand 301
Port Ferdinand 404
Port Ferdinand 603
Port Ferdinand 707
Port St Charles 108
Port St Charles 125
Port St Charles 127
Port St Charles 128
Port St Charles 129
Port St Charles 150
Port St Charles 167
Port St Charles 366
Port St Charles Unit 211
Port St. Charles Unit 336
Porters Cove
Porters Factory
Porters Gate 16
Porters Gate 6
Porters Gate 8
Portico 2
Portico 3
Poui Avenue 106
Prior Park Crescent 5
Prior Park Crescent North No 44
Prior Park No 23
Prospect House
Providence Terrace 27
Queens Fort 6
Ragged Point Lot 45
Ragged Point Lot 7
Reed Street Land
Reeds Bay Villa
Reeds House 11 Penthouse
Regency Park No 155
Regus Office 102
Regus Office 110
Regus Office 134
Regus Office 137
Regus Office 144
Relando House 17
Relando House 17
Rendezvous Corporate Centre FF
Rendezvous Ridge 24
Risk Court Apartments
RK Holdings 16800
RK Holdings 3000
RK Holdings 4700
RK Holdings 6380
Rock Ridge Gibbs No 14
Rockley Meadow No 17
Rosewood Park Lot 30
Rowans Lot 31G
Royal Apartment 111
Royal Apartment No 311
Royal Apartment No 312
Royal Apartment No 313
Royal Apartment No 331
Royal Apartment PH No 233
Royal Apartment PH No 333
Ruby 111
Saint Peters Bay 202
Saint Peters Bay 412
Saint Peters Bay Deluxe Penthouse 511
Sand Dollar
Sandford Lot 15
Sandford Park South Lot 27
Sandy Cove 203
Sandy Cove Unit 101
Sandy Hook 11
Sandy Lane No 35
Sandy Lane No 99
Sans Souci
Sapphire Beach Unit 401
Sapphire Beach Unit 517
Schooner Bay 104
Schooner Bay 203
Schooner Bay 205 - Frangipani
Sea-U Guest House Inc
Seabreeze Drive 156
Second Chance
Sherwood House
Silver Sands Resorts Ltd
Sion Hill Lot 23
Six Roads Retail & Office Building
Six Roads Retail & Office Building Ground Floor
Six Roads Retail & Office Building Upper Floor
Skeetes Bay
South Ocean Villas 501
South Ridge Development Land
South View Lot 130
South View Lot 179
South View Lot 226
South View Lot 227
Southern Heights 162
Spring Garden Lot
St Lawrence Beach Penthouse 16
Stevmar House 102W
Stevmar House 201W
Stevmar House 202W
Stevmar House 203E
Stevmar House 301E
Stevmar House 302W
Straiton Apartments
Sugar Cane Mews
Sugar Cane Ridge Villa 3
Sugar Cane Ridge Villa 7
Sugar Hill A6
Sugar Hill B206
Sugar Water
Summerland 101
Summerland 103
Summerland 104
Summerland PH 206
Summerland Serenity Penthouse 206
Sundance Apartment 4
Sunrise At Rowans 2
Sunrise At Rowans 3
Sunrise At Rowans 4
Sunrise Place 1
Sunrise Villa 27
Sunset Crest Villa 264
Surfview Row 133 - Apartment D
Tamarind Mullins Bay
Tamarind, Mullins Bay
Tantalus Lower Apartment
Tara at Shermans
Terraces No 403
Terraces No 403
Terraces No. 203 NW
The Avenue
The Bay Corporate Centre II
The Bay Corporate Centre III
The Crane 3730
The Crane Penthouse 852
The Crane Private Residences 5224
The Crane Private Residences 5244
The Crane Resort 841
The Crane Resort 922
The Crane Unit 832
The Garden Land
The Goddard Building - Ground Floor
The Grove Lot 103
The Grove Lot 13
The Grove Lot 150
The Grove Lot 41
The Grove Lot 8
The Grove Lot 80
The Grove Residences No 6
The Mill
The Palisades Unit 7A
The Palisades Unit 7B
The Palisades Unit 9B
The Plateau
The Rock
The Royal Apartments No 332
The Sands 47
The Sands 75
The Sands Apt 23
The Sands Apt 31
The Sands Apt 34 Studio
The Sands Apt 41
The St James 102
The Sugar Mill
The Sugar Mill
The Villa at The St James
Thomas Daniel Building
Tino Terrace 19
Tino Terrace 39
Tino Terrace Lot 10
Town Square Mall Unit 4
Tranquility Drive No 11
Tree House Villa 5
Tree House Villa 7
Trident Insurance Ground Floor
Tropical Escape Hotel & Blue Monkey
Tudor Street Land
Turtle Watch No 1
Upper Halcyon Heights 51A
Valley View 30
Valley View Lot 101
Valley View Lot 106
Valley View Lot 109
Valley View Lot 84
Valley View Lot 89
Valley View Lot 93
Valley View Lot 95
Valley View Lot 96
Vaucluse Lot
Villa Bonita
Villa Dei Felici
Villa Lodge
Villa Rosa
Villa Tamarindo
Villas On the Beach 104
Vuemont Apt 260
Vuemont No 123
Vuemont No 239
Vuemont No 244
Vuemont No 263
Vuemont Villa 115
Vuemont Villa 131
Wales End
Walkers Terrace Lot 19
Wanstead 96
Warrens Tower
Warrens Tower Top Floor
Warrens Tower Top Floor
Waterside 101
Waterside 102
Waterside 103
Waterside 105
Waterside 201
Waterside 203
Waterside 502
Waterside Penthouse 502
Webster Industrial Park Lots 14 and 16
Welches Land
Welcome Hall 1BB
West Ridge
West Ridge Upper unit
Westcliff No 7
Westland Heights No 2
Westland Heights No 2
Westland Heights No 3
Westland Heights Villa 4
Westland Heights Villa 4
Westland Heights Villa No 1
Westmoreland Hills - Townhouse Capri 48
Westmoreland Hills - Townhouse Cyan
Westmoreland Hills - Villa Emerald
Westmoreland Hills - Villa Indigo
Westmoreland Hills - Villa Jade
Westmoreland Hills - Villa Magenta
Westmoreland Lot 10 & 10A
Westmoreland Lot 16
Westmoreland Lot 2A
Westmoreland Lots 2A & 2B
Westmoreland Ridge Lot 9
Weston Mahogany Cove Beachfront Land
Wheelton Sandy Lane
White Sands No 10
White Sands No 12
White Sands No 22
Wibisco Offices
Wildey Commercial Estate
Williams Tower - 3rd Floor
Wimbrill 116
Wimbrill 131
Wotton Lands
XS Solutions
Yorkshire Great House
Yorkshire House
Yorkshire Lot 2B
Zinnia Apartment No 1
Zinnia Apartment No 12
Zinnia Apartment No 13

Trinidad Properties

1st Floor Keate and Irving St
3 Champs Elysees Unit 11
3.2 Acres on Solomon Hochoy Highway
3rd Street, St Joseph Village, 37 Apt 2
3rd Street, St Joseph Village, 37 Apt 3
A.V. Maharaj Builduing
Aberdeen Park 317
Aberdeen Park 85
Alberto Street No. 12
Albion Plaza, 7th Floor
Albion Plaza, 8th Floor
Alcoa Port Turn Key Terminal
Alexandra Street, No. 3
Alexandra Street, No. 3
Alfredo Street 29
Alfredo Street 55
Alfredo Street 60 Upstairs
Almond Boulevard 93
Ana Street 7
Ana Street 7
Anglais Road Cumana
Anglais Road Cumana
Aquaria Unit 1A
Aquaria Unit 1B
Aquaria Unit 1E
Aquaria Unit 2A
Aquaria Unit 2B
Arch Street 32
Ariapita Avenue 63A
Ariapita Avenue 7
Ascot Gardens
Ascot Road 72
Ashridge Place 42
Atlantic Plaza A1.04.2
Atlantic Plaza A1.07.2
Atlantic Plaza D2 05 04
Bain Dock
Balandra Bay Resort Lot J137
Balmain Gardens Townhouse B
Balmoral Bay
Balmoral Bay
Basta Hall
Batoo Avenue 16 Unit 1
Batoo Avenue 16 Unit 2
Battoo Avenue 53
Bayside Towers 08W
Bayside Towers 406
Bayside Towers 902
Bayside Towers, Unit 705E
Beetham Highway
Bejucal Road, Unit 1
Bejucal Road, Unit 1
Bejucal Road, Unit 2
Bejucal Road, Unit 2
Bejucal Road, Unit 3
Bejucal Road, Unit 3
Bejucal Road, Unit 4
Bejucal Road, Unit 4
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 11F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 13F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 16F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 16F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 16F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 17F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 17F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 17F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No. 22F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No.12F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No.14F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No.4F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No.5F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No.6F
Bhagwansinghs at The Crossings Phase 3 No.8F
Bhagwansingh’s Commercial Trincity - First Floor
Bhim Bhim Trace
BHP Building, Invaders Bay Level 1
BHP Building, Invaders Bay Level 1 Space 2
BHP Building, Invaders Bay Level 1 Space 3
Bienvenue Avenue, La Pastora
Blanchette Point Lot 1
Blue Valley Development Lot 21
Bombay Street 47
Bombshell Bay
Bon Air Road, Coryal 187
Boundary Road Extenion, LP 69 - Block 2 Space 1
Boundary Road Extenion, LP 69 - Block 2 Space 2
Boundary Road Extension, LP 69 Block 1
Braemar Road 22
Breezy Hill Apartments Unit 3
Breezy Hill Apartments Unit 5
Brentwood Court 1
Brentwood Court 22
Brentwood Court 34
Brentwood Court 47
Brentwood Villas 13
Brentwood Villas 14
Brentwood Villas 15
Brentwood Villas 16
Briar Place - First Floor Space
Briar Place - Ground Floor West Space
Brunton Road 19
Bryan’s Gate, Phillipine Unit 1
Bryan’s Gate, Phillipine Unit 2
Bryan’s Gate, Phillipine Unit 3
Bryan’s Gate, Phillipine Unit 4
Butler Avenue 1
Calcutta Road 3
Calcutta Settlement
Calcutta Settlement 16
Calcutta Settlement Road No 2
Capildeo House
Caqchipa Estate
Cara Court 344
Cara Court 404
Cara Court 404
Cara Court, Building 2
Caribbean Chemicals, Space W1
Caribbean Chemicals, Unit 6
Caroni Ltd. Private Road Lot 10, Unit 2
Caroni Ltd. Private Road Lot 10, Unit 3
Caroni Ltd. Private Road Lot9B
Caroni Ltd. Private Road Lot9C1
Caroni Ltd. Private Road Lot9C2
Caroni Savannah Road
Caroni Savannah Road 159
Cascade River Gardens E5
Cascade River Gardens, Unit B2-15
Cedar Hill Road 332
Central Avenue 382
Central Park 102
Central Park 16A
Central Park, Josephine St 145
Champs Elysees Apt 3
Chan Ramlal Road
Chan Ramlal Road Unit 1
Chan Ramlal Road Unit 2
Chan Ramlal Road Unit 3
Chancellor Heights 4A.4B(Conservatory Heights)
Charles Street 11
Charles Street 11
Charlieville,Uriah Butler Highway
Charlotte Avenue 7
Charlotte Street 88
Chase Village Industrial Estate
Chateau de Chantilly
Chateau de Chantilly
Chateau de Chantilly Unit 3
Chelsea Heights
Cherry Crescent 94
Chootoo Road, Lot 2C
Christina Gardens 33
Churchill Court
Churchill Court
CIC Building - Ground Floor
Cipero Road, 71-83
Coblentz House 2C
Coblentz House 3B
Collens Road, No. 36
Collens Road, No. 36
Consol Drive 6
Cor Eastern Main Rd and Goya Road
Cor New St. & Victoria Ave
Cor Shirvan and Buccoo Bay Roads Lot 1
Cor Thanoo Lane & Gunapo Road
Cor Warner & Woodford Streets
Cor. Morne Catherine Road
Cornelio Street 18
Corner Akal and Saddle Road
Corner Bedessie Street and Orange Grove Road
Couva Warehouse Unit 4
Couva Warehouse Units 3 & 4
Creative Draperies
Creative Draperies, First Floor
Crescent Drive Savonetta Apartment 2
Dandrade Street
Darwil Gardens Lot 49
Diamond Vale Business Park
Dolphin Court 47
Dove Street 64
DSM Warehouse Complex Bld D Mezz
Dundonald Street 30
East Gate on The Greens Blk B Apt 2A
East Gate on The Greens Blk B Apt 2A
Eastern Main Road 105 First Floor
Eastern Main Road 14
Eastern Main Road 25
Eastern Main Road 321
Eastern Main Road LP 52
Eastern Main Road No.94
Eastern Main Road, 179-183
Eastern Main Road, Curepe
Eastgate Building E Apt 2F
Eckel Avenue 12
Edward Street 99
El Gees Warehouse , Unit 7
El Socorro Ext.
Eleanor Street 48
Eleven Albion
EMR, Manzanilla 1152
EMR, Manzanilla Lot 6
Endeavour Ext. Road, Lot 2B
Endeavour Road, 12 & 13
Estate Trace - Entire Compound
Estate Trace - First Floor
Estate Trace - Ground Floor
Estate Trace 19, 29, 29A
Evans Street 35
Factory Road 60
Factory Road 60
Factory Road LP62
Fahey Street 397
Fairview Drive 12
Falcon Drive 126
Falcon Heights, 4E
Farfan Avenue
Farfan Avenue No.4
Farfan Street 4
Fidelis Heights No. 2
Fitt House
Floral Drive 22-23
Foncette Road Cascade 1B
Fox Trace, South Oropuche
Frederick Settlement 77 & 78
Frederick Street 67
Frederick Street 87-89 - Office A
Frederick Street 87-89 - Office B
Frederick Street 87-89 - Office D
Freeport Warehouse Complex - North Warehouse
Freeport Warehouse Complex - North Warehouse 1
Freeport Warehouse Complex- South Warehouse
FWC Compound (CIL), Unit 16
Gan Kna Ski Avenue 9A
Gaston Court 2-3
Gaston Court 2-3
Gittens Apartments 21
Gittens Apartments No. 21
Golf Springs Villas Unit 4
Golf Springs Villas Unit 5
Gomez Street 40
Goodwood Heights 207
Goodwood Heights 306
Goodwood Heights 306
Goodwood Heights 401
Gordon Street 68
Governor Road 15
Graceland Heights Lot 26
Greenview Gardens, Santa Cruz #6B
Greenview Santa Cruz Lot 1
Greenview Santa Cruz Lot 27
Greenview Santa Cruz Lot 28
Greenview Santa Cruz Lot 29
Greenview Santa Cruz Lot 33
Greenview Santa Cruz Lot 50
Grove Park, Bay View Avenue, Unit E2
Guayamare Link Road
Gulf Drive Lot 49
Hakim Juman Street 71
Halcyon Court 5
Halcyon Court, 3
Halcyon Court, 6
Halcyon Court, 7
Harbour View, Unit 204
Harbour View, Unit 308
Hassarath Road Ext. Lot 8
Hawks Landing, Apt 5
Herbert Street 2
Hill View Gardens 15
Hill View Gardens 16
Hillrise Road 40C
Hillsdale Townhouses 12
Hingwan Drive Lot 12
Hopedale Drive 5
Hopeland Heights 9
Hummingbird Avenue 11
Hutton Place 4
Hutton Place 4
Hutton Place 5
Hutton Place 7
Hutton Place 8
Hutton Place 8
Ibis Acres 4
Independence Avenue 45
Industry Lane 14
Inez Gate
Inez Gate, A5
Invaders Bay Tower, 2nd Floor
Isaac Mc Leod Drive
Island View Apartments at The Buoys A1
Island View Apartments at The Buoys A2
Jaggernauth Sports, High Street
Jazmin Gardens Lot B
John Street 135
Joie De Vivre
Joy Gardens
Juzani Garden, Signal Hill Rd 7
Kaia Lane, No. 40
Kazim Tower, 5th floor
Kazim Tower, Ground Floor
Kings Court 27&28
Kings Court 30
Kings Court 9
Kings Court Ext.111-117
La Fontaine 2E
La Fontaine 8B
La Fontaine 9G
La Reine Block C3 Apt 6
La Rive 2A
La Rive 2A
La Rive Grande 201
La Rive Grande 504
La Rive Grande No. 303
La Riviera 5J
La Riviera, 6C
La Riviera, 9D
La Sargesse Road 6B
Lady Chancellor Heights Lot 1
Lalla Street
Las Lomas 1, LP No. 8
Le Blanc Trace, Todds Road
Legacy - Autumn Model 6
Limehead Road Lot C
Lisa Avenue 46
Livistonia Drive 160
Loblolly Drive D’Abadie
Long Circular Road 117
Long Circular Road, No. 143
Lot 14A The Buoys
Lot 24 off Paria Main Road Galera Point Toco
Lot 25 off Paria Main Road Galera Point Toco
Lot No. 23 Krista Park
LP 81 Paria Main Road L’Anse Noir Toco
M Rampersad Building
Mandalay Gardens Lot 104
Mandalay Gardens Lot 127A
Mandalay Gardens Lot 146
Mandalay Gardens Lot 159
Mandalay Gardens Lot 167
Manick Street 2
Maple Avenue
Maple House - First Floor
Maple House - Third Floor
Maracas Gardens
Maraval Plaza - Ground Floor Unit 2
Maraval Plaza - Ground Floor Unit 7
Maritime Bldg Milford Road 84-86
Maritime Centre - 2nd Floor
Maritime Centre - 2nd Floor unit
Maritime Centre - 2nd Floor unit 1/2
Maritime Centre - 2nd Floor unit 2
Mecalfab House
Mecalfab House - 3rd Floor
Mecalfab House - 3rd Floor
Media 21 - first floor
Midland Plaza, Unit 14A
Midway Park Chase Village - Apt 1
Midway Park Chase Village - Apt 2
Milford Road Lot 51
Milford Road Lot 52
Milford Road Lot 53
Milford Road Lot 54
Mission Road 210
Mission Road 210 Unit 1 and 2
Moka Road, 1
Moka, Rd Reserve off Kaia Lane Lot 3
Moka, Rd Reserve off Kaia Lane Lot 4
Montrose Place 12
Montrose Place Unit 27
Montrose Place, 19
Montrose Place, 20
Montrose Place, 21
Montrose Plaza
Morne Coco Commercial Building
Mt. Lambert Cir. & Eastern Main Rd.
Mt. Lambert Circular & Eastern Main Rd.
Mt. Lambert Circular & Eastern Main Rd.
Mt. Pelier, Scarborough
Mucurapo Road 21A
Mucurapo Road 21A
Mucurapo Street, 92
Mulchan Seuchan Ext., 12 & 13
Mulchan Seuchan Road 1
Mulchan Seuchan Road 9
Naparima Mayaro Road, Lot 37
Nebula Drive Lillian Heights 41
Nelson Street
New Yalta, 21 -22
Newbury Hill Apt 2
Nicholas Gardens 22
Nicole Terrace Lot 19
Nigel Avenue 1
North Road 12
Nutmeg Avenue 27
Nutmeg Avenue 27
O Meara Industrial Estate Lot 35
O Meara Road 15A
Ocean View Apartments
Off Aranguez Rd Lot 34B & 34C
Off Ariapita Road Lot 4
Off Calcutta Road 3, Lot 1
Off Calcutta Road 3, Lot 2
Off Paria Main Road, Lot 2
One Woodbrook Place 1G,Tower 3
One Woodbrook Place Tower 3
One Woodbrook Place, T1, Unit 18E
One Woodbrook Place, Tower 2, Unit 4A
One Woodbrook Place, Tower 2, Unit 4A
Otaheite, South Trunk Road Lot 28
Otaheite, South Trunk Road Lot 29
O’Meara Industrial Estate
Palm Avenue 8
Palm Springs Townhouses
Palm View Gardens 27
Palm Villas 17
Pan View Apartments 2
Papillon Drive 25
Papillon Drive 34
Park Plaza 3rd floor
Park Street 23
Parkview Apartments, Unit 3W
Parkview Apartments, Unit 4E
Patraj Trace, Units 4 & 5
Pembroke Court Building Ground Floor
Pembroke Place
Pembroke Street 30
Pembroke Street, No. 33
Pembroke Street, No. 33
Penco Gardens, Cassia Crescent 8
Penco Gardens, Cebia Crescent
Penco Gardens, Roystonea Drive
Petite Summit 29
Phillip Augustus Road
Picton Court 30
Picton Court 31
Picton Street 112, Unit 1
Picton Street, No. 65
Picton Street, No. 65
Pointe A Pierre Road 188
Pointe A Pierre Road 188
Pointe A Pierre Road 188 - First Floor
Pointe A Pierre Road 188- Ground Floor
Pointe-a-Pierre Road 103
Pokher Road 8
Pomme Rose Gardens, GB1
Porto Villas 11
Princes Court, second Floor - Space 1
Princes Court, second Floor - Space 2
Princes Court, second Floor - Space 3
Prince’s Court, 5th Floor
Pro Queen St. 45
Pro Queen Street 32C
Pt. Lisas Business Park Phase 1 Unit 4
Pt. Lisas Business Park Phase1 Unit 10
Pt. Lisas Business Park Phase1 Unit 11
Pt. Lisas Business Park Phase1 Unit 12
Pt. Lisas Business Park Phase1 Unit 5
Pt. Lisas Business Park Phase1 Unit 8
Queen’s Park West 17-20
Quesnel St.No.25
Race Course Road
Race Course Road 1-5
Ragoonanan,La Gloria Estate
Rainbow Hill Villas 18
Rainbow Hill Villas 18
Rainbow Ridge 194
Ramish & Leila
Ramsaran Street 79
Rapsey Street
Redwood Forests, Lot 7
Redwood Forests, Lot 8
Regents Gardens 49
Regents Point No 28
Renaissance Towers 5C
Richmond House
Rise Land Place
Rise Land Place C1
River Road L.P.52
Riverside Drive 545
Riviera Park 10
Riviera Park 12
Riviera Park 14
Riviera Park 15
Riviera Park 2
Riviera Park 3
Riviera Park 4
Riviera Park 8
Riviera Park 9
Riviera Park 9
Roach Road, Lot 187 & Lot 188
Road Reserve Lot 235
Rodney Road
Ronald Avenue, Lot 17
Rookery Nook 14
Rue de Nunes 44
Rushworth Street 10 - First Floor
Rust Street 16
Sackville Street 31
Saddle Grove Lot H1
Saddle Grove Lot H35
Saddle Road 29A
Saddle Road 29A
Saddle Road 8
Saddle Road 8 - Space 1
Saddle Road 8 - Space 2
Samaan Grove, 23
Sandstone Terrace, Hilltop Drive 22
Santa Margarita Circular
Santa Margarita Circular Rd. 24
Santa Margarita Circular, St Augustine
Santa Maria Avenue 53
Santa Maria Plaza Unit 12
Santosh Villas
Savannah Court, 10B Queens Park West, Apt 201
Savannah East - Fifth Floor
Savannah East - First Floor
Savannah East - Office Space 1
Savannah East - Office Space 2
Savannah East - Second Floor
Savannah East - Sixth Floor
Savannah Villas Bldg13 Bois Canot
Savannah Villas Unit 9, Bldg 7
Savsyn Apartments, Unit 4C
School Street No. 46
Scott Bushe Street 25
Scott Street 6 - Commercial Kitchen
Scott Street 6 - Ground floor 2
Scott Street 6 - Ground floor 3
Scott Street 6 - Unit 4
Scott Street 6 - Unit 6
Scott Street 6 - Unit 7
Sea View Parkway 162
Second Street 85
Seukeran Street 14
Shops of Arima
Short Street 7B
Siew Trace 1
Signal Hill - Unit 2
Signal Hill - Unit 3
Signal Hill - Unit 5
Signature Park 8
Signature Park 8
Sinverguenza Road, Parcel 5
South Quay 32-34
South Quay 36 to 38
South Quay 36 to 38
South Quay 36 to 38 - First Floor
South Quay 36 to 38- Ground Floor
South Quay 36-38
South Trunk Road 28 & 29
Southern Main Road 414 - first floor
Southern Main Road Enterprise 28
Southern Main Road Montrose
Southern Main Road, LP588
Southern Supply Services Ltd.
Spanish Court, Cluster 2, Unit 18
Spanish Court, Cluster 2, Unit 4
Spanish Villas No 25
Spring Gardens
Springland Gardens
St Andrews Terrace 6,Fairways
St Margarets Village
St. Andrews Village Unit 12
St. Andrew’s Village 11
St. Anthonys Park 67
St. Anthonys Park 68
St. Johns Road 38
Stanmore Avenue 23
Stanmore Avenue 23
Stanmore Court 21
Stanmore Court 21
Stephen Street 51
Stone Street 10
Sunnydale Townhouse Unit 2
Sunset Drive No.53
Sunset Ridge Lot A10
Sydenham Villas, Unit 5
Taitt Madhoo Road
Tatil Building 6th Floor
Tenth Avenue 9
Tenth Street 37
Terracevale Lot 3
Terracevale Lot 4
The Atrium
The Battery Lot 9
The Foothills 45
The Foothills Lot 17
The Grand View, 2
The Greens B2
The Greens B2
The Hamlet 3
The Hamlet 3
The Hamlet 6
The Hamlet 6
The Hamlet 8
The Inez, Bacelot, Phase 1 C, Lot 14
The Inez, Bacelot, Phase 1 C, Lot 23
The Inez, Bacelot, Phase 1 C, Lot 24
The Inez, Bacelot, Phase 1 C,Lot 3
The Inez, Bacelot, Phase 1 C,Lot 35
The Inez, Bacelot, Phase 1 C,Lot 4
The Landings, Apartment A
The Legacy No. 9
The Meadows, 4B-4
The Orchard 30
The Orchard, Lot No. 1
The Point 70
The Point 8
The Point 8
The Renaissance at Shorelands - 3 Bed
The Renaissance at Shorelands - 4 Bed
The Renaissance, East Building, Unit 13C
The Summit 6
The Summit Apt. A
The Towers - Arawak 8D
The Towers - Arawak 8D
The Towers 6B
The Towers 8B
The Villas of Pine Groves 19
The Villas of Pine Groves 19
Tobago Plantations Lot 128
Tobago Plantations Villa Cluster 38
Tobago Plantations Villa Cluster 38
Tobago Plantations Villa Cluster 57
Tobago Plantations Villa Cluster 57
Trincity Business District Lot 24 Zone 6 TMV
Trincity Millennium Vision Zone 21A
Trincity Millennium Vision Zone 16
Trincity Millennium Vision Zone 3 and 5
Trincity Unit 1
Trincity Unit 2
Trincity Unit 4
Tumpuna Road South
Turtle River Enclave, Lot No 1
Tuscany Townhouses Unit 3
Ultimate Solutions Building
Upper Saddle Road, 38
Uriah Butler Highway
Victoria Villas, Unit 29
Villa 97 Tobago Plantations
Villas of Les Boix 17
Villas of Les Boix 51
Walnut Drive Extension 5
Warner Street 25
West Hills 124
West Hills Bldg 1 Unit 115
West Park Villas 15
West Winds 31
West Winds 31
Westwinds Development Lot 28
Woodford Street 104
Woodford Street 104 - ground floor
Woodford Street 108-110 , Apt. 7
Woodford Street, 77 - 77A
Woodford Street, 77 - 77A
Wrightson Road & Cor Luis Street
Wrightson Road 31
Wrightson Road 37
Wrightson Road, 7-9
Wrightson Road, Cor Luis Street
Yorke Structures
Zenrada Building Unit 4
Zone 4 Trincity Business District Lot 10
Zone 4 Trincity Business District Lot 15
Zone 4 Trincity Business District Lot 16
Zone 4 Trincity Business District Lot 4
Zone 4 Trincity Business District Lot 7
Zone 4 Trincity Business District Lot 8
Zone 4 Trincity Business District Lot 9
Zone 9, Trincity Business District lot16

Grenada Properties

Airport View
Alamanda Lot 10
All That Spice
Annandale Lot 20A
Anse La Roche
April House
April House Grn Floor
Aster Building Grd Floor
Aster Building Top Floor
Atlantic Grande
Bacolet Bay
Bacolet Garden
BAICO Building
Baillies Bacolet Beachfront Land
Baillies Lot No. 1
Baillies View Lot 12
Baillies View Lot 13
Baillies View Lot 6
Baillies View Lot 7
Baillies View Lot 8
Balance Lot No 1
Bathway Chambord Lot No. 76
Bathway Lot 56
Bathway Lot No 81
Bathway Park
Bay Apartment No 1
Bay Apartment No 2
Bay View Villa
Bedford Point Lot 21
Bedford Point Lot No 1
Bedford Point Lot No 15
Bedford Point Lot No 17
Bedford Point Lot No 19
Bedford Point Lot No 38
Bedford Point Lot No 41
Bedford Point Lot No 42
Bedford Point Lot No 43
Bedford Point Lot No 44
Belair Retreat Lot 1
Bella View Lot
Belle Isle 85C Lot 1
Belle Isle 85C Lot 2
Belle Isle 85C Lot 3
Belle Isle Lot 37
Belle Isle Lot 43
Belle Isle Lot No 54
Belle Isle No 14
Belle Isle No 27
Belle Isle No 59
Belle Isle No 6
Belle Vue Mansion
Beyazev Villa
Bird of Paradise
Black Forest
Blossom Hill
Breezy Lane
Brook Field Apartment No 1
Brook Fields
Cabier Hill Lots
Cabier Lot
Cabier Ocean Lodge
Calivigny Development Lot 19
Calivigny Estate
Calivigny Estate lot 3A
Calivigny Estate Lot 4
Calivigny Estate Lot 6
Calivigny Estate Lot No. 1
Calivigny Lot 1
Calliste Lot No 5
Camelot Apartment No 1
Camelot Apartment No 2
Camelot Apartment No 3
Camelot Apartment No 4
Canal Road Lot
Caramel Villa No. 1
Carenage No 2
Caribbean Breeze
Caribbean Dreams Development
Casa de Dios Apt 6
Cassia House
Castle View
Castle View
Cedar Cliff
Challenor Estate
Chambord Estate No 43
Chantilly Lot 15
Chantilly Lot 17
Chantilly Lot 18
Chantilly Lot 8
Cherry Candy Manor
CherryHill No 54
Childs Apt Building
Cinnamon Bell
Circular Drive Apartment
Cocoa Maison
Coconut Villa
Conference Lot C
Coral Close Lot 9
Craigston Estate Lots
Creme Caramel Residence
Crystal Blue
Dakota Apartment Building
Deco Industries No 1
Deco Industries No 2
Dover Heights No 34
Dover Heights No 35
Dover Heights No 36
Eagle Eye
EBs Forest
Eco-Friendly Cottage Resort
Egmont Chrysanthemum
Egmont Development Lot No 148
Egmont Development Lot No 253
Egmont Development Lot No. 91
Egmont Development Phase 3
Egmont Development Phase III
Egmont Lot 157
Egmont Lot 164
Egmont Lot No 125
Egmont Lot No 159
Egmont Lot No. 229
Egmont Lot No. 263
Esperance House
Ever Green Lot No 1
Faith Hill
Faithville Lot
Fantasy Top Floor Apartment
Fargo Building
Felix Park No 1
Fontenoy Residence
Fort Jeudy Bay View Lot 280
Fort Jeudy Lot 249
Fort Jeudy Lot 69
Fort Jeudy Lot No 1
Fort Jeudy Lot No 250
Fort Jeudy Lot No 56
Frangipani Lot 5
Frangipani Villa
Freedom Hill Villa
Frequente Warehouse
Fuchsia Palace
Gabe’s Riverside No 1
Golf Course Lot 10
Golf Course Lot No 17
Gordon’s Ground Floor
Grace Land
Grand Anse Estate Lot No 17
Grand Anse Estate Lot No 33
Grand Anse Estate Lot No. 1
Grand Anse Hillside Lot
Grand Anse Hillside Lot No 36
Grand Anse Lot No 141B
Grand Anse Lot No 29
Grand Anse Lot No 7
Grand Anse No 67
Grand Mal No 3
Green Eagle Apt. No. 1
Green Eagle Apt. No. 2
Green Lilly
Green Pearl
Green Spark
Greenery lot 1
Greenery Lot 2
Grenville Vale River Lot
Halifax St. Building
Harbin Building Grn Floor
Harbin Building Middle Floor
Harbin Building Top Floor
Hill Top Charm Home
Hills Have Eyes
Hilltop Calivigny Lot No 21
Hilltop View Land
Hope City Lot 1
Hope City Lot 1C
Hope City Lot No 10C
Hope City Lot No 15
Hope City Lot No 47C
Hope City Lot No 6C
Hope City No 17
Hope Land
Hope Residence
Inner Harbour View
Island Style Apartment Building
Island View Point No 1
Island View Point No 2
Jess Lot 1A
Jess Lot A
Jess Lot B
Joy Commercial Complex - Suite 2
Joy Commercial Complex - Suite 5
Jules View
Julias Haven
Karib Beach Lot 14
Karib Beach Lot 15
Karib Beach Lot 16A
Karib Beach Lot 16B
Karib Beach Lot 17A
Karib Beach Lot 17B
Karib Beach Lot 3
Karib Beach Lot 4
Karland Lot 1
Kent Drive No 17
King Protea
King Protea
La Digue Estate Lot No. 11
La Digue Estate Lot No. 12
La Digue Estate Lot No. 13
La Digue Estate Lot No. 14
La Digue Estate Lot No. 15
La Digue Estate Lot No. 16
La Digue Estate Lot No. 17
La Digue Estate Lot No. 18
La Digue Estate Lot No. 19
La Digue Estate Lot No. 2
La Digue Estate Lot No. 20
La Digue Estate Lot No. 21
La Digue Estate Lot No. 22
La Digue Estate Lot No. 23
La Digue Estate Lot No. 24
La Digue Estate Lot No. 25
La Digue Estate Lot No. 26
La Digue Estate Lot No. 27
La Digue Estate Lot No. 28
La Digue Estate Lot No. 29
La Digue Estate Lot No. 3
La Digue Estate Lot No. 30
La Digue Estate Lot No. 31
La Digue Estate Lot No. 32
La Digue Estate Lot No. 33
La Digue Estate Lot No. 34
La Digue Estate Lot No. 35
La Digue Estate Lot No. 36
La Digue Estate Lot No. 37
La Digue Estate Lot No. 38
La Digue Estate Lot No. 39
La Digue Estate Lot No. 40
La Digue Estate Lot No.10
La Digue Estate Lot No.4
La Digue Estate Lot No.41
La Digue Estate Lot No.42
La Digue Estate Lot No.43
La Digue Estate Lot No.44
La Digue Estate Lot No.45
La Digue Estate Lot No.46
La Fortune No 18
La Palma Lot 5
La Pastora No 1
La Poterie Lot No 3
La Poterie Lot No 4
La Poterie Lot No 5
La Sagesse Country Resort Lot 23A
La Sagesse Country Resort Lot 24A
La Sagesse Heights Residence
La Sagesse Lot 4
La Sagesse Lot No 40
La Tienda
La vie des Iles.
LAE Lot No. 6
Lagoon Residence
Lance Aux Epines Apartment
Lance Aux Epines Cottage
Lance Aux Epines Estate Lot 1
Lance Aux Epines House
Lance Aux Epines Lot No 1
Lance Aux Epines Stretch
Land of Ages
Lawyer’s Lane
Le Maison
Le Maison Residence and Apartments
Levera Beach Development
Levera Cottage
Lomea Ocean Lot
Longuina Building
Lot No 3 GB
Lot No 41 The Residence
Lower Woburn Apt. Building
Lucas Street No 1
Lucky Charm
L’Esterre Bay Beach Front - Point Cistern
Mahot Lot
Maison de Soleil
Maison Forestiere
Mapson Lot 141
Mardigras Hideaway
Marina View
Mark’s Reef
Marlborough Lot No 33
Marlin Villa Lower Level Apartment
Marrast Estate
MCSMOD Grn Floor
MCSMOD Top Floor
Meadow Lane Lot No 1
Minorca Estate No 1
Mitchell’s Commercial Building No 1
Mocha Latte
Modern Escape
Monde Lot 1
Montana House
Morne Fendue Guest House
Morne Fendue Lot B
Morne Fendue Lot C
Morne Fendue Lot D
Morne Jaloux Lot No 21
Morne Jaloux Lot No. 10
Morne Rouge Hillside Lot
Morne Rouge Lot A & B
Morne Rouge Lot C
Morne Rouge North Lot No 1
Morne Rouge View Lot
Mount Cinnamon Hacienda 2B
Mount Hartman Bay
Mount Maitland Heights
Mt. Gay Lot 1
Mt. Moritz View Lot 1
Mt. Parnassus Lot No 155
Mt. Parnassus Lot No 156
Mt. Prospect Lot B
Mt. Rodney Heights Lot No1
Natural Living
Nature Dream
New Westerhall Point Lot 78
No 1 Hope Estate
No. 1 Woolwich Road
Nutmeg & Mace
Nutmeg Bay Villa
OCF No 1
Old Westerhall Lot 1
Old Westerhall Lot 2
Old Westerhall Lot No 80A
Old Westerhall Lot No 80B
Olive Garden
Orchard Bay Villa
Osprey Cottage
Palm Drive Lot A
Palm Drive Lot B
PalmIsta Apt 1
PalmIsta Apt 2
Panoramic View
Paraclete No 1
Paradise Haven
Paradise Hilltop
Paw Paw View
Peach Crave
Peaches N Cream
Pearls Lodge
Pecher Estate Lot 1
Perdmontemps No 5
Petite Calivigny Lot A
Petite Calivigny Lot B
Pinquin Upper Cottage
Plains Estate Lot
Point Drive No 4
Point Drive No 5
Point Marquis Lot 28
Point Marquis Lot No. 63
Point Saline Lot B
Point Salines Development Lot 1
Point Salines Development Lot 11
Point Salines Development Lot 13
Point Salines Development Lot 3
Point Salines Development Lot 5
Point Salines Development Lot 6
Point Salines Development Lot 7
Point Salines Development Lot 8
Point Salines Development Lot 9
Point Salines Land
Point View Apt. 2
Point View Apt. 3
Point View Lot No 1
Point Views
Polka Dot
Premium LAE
Premium Properties TB2
Radix Lot 16
Red Checkers
Red Gate Lot No 1
Red Gate Lot No 2
Red Mud House
Ridge No 3
Rose Hill House
Rose Vale
Royal Castle
Sagicor/Transnemwil Office No 1
Sauteurs No 5
Scott Street Lot
Scott Street Parking Lot
Sea View Lot
Sherrine Building
Shop 10 Ground Floor
Shop 5 Ground Floor
Shop 6 Ground Floor
Shop 7 Ground Floor
Shop 8 Ground Floor
Shop 9 Ground Floor
Shore Paradise
Silent Ville
Silk Cotton House
Silver Stone
Simple Vale
Skylark Wonder
Spice Basket
Spring Garden
Springs Lot No. 5
Springs Windhill Heights
St. Davids Harbour
St. Davids Harbour No 2
St. David’s Harbour No 3
Summer View
Sunset Court Apt.2
Sunset Drive Lot No 261
Sunset Lot
Sweet Haven
Syracuse Lot No. 14
TB Apartment 1
TB Apartment 2
Telescope Lot 190 B
Tempe Estate
Tempe Lot No 3
Tequila Sunrise
The Colonial Building - GF
The Estate at Bonair
The Glade
The Rock of Ages
The Study Apartment
Toft Residence
Top Floor Annex
Tranquility Lot 1
Travel Source Top Floor
Tropical Haven
Tropical Punch
True Blue Lot A
True Blue Lot B
TT Apt. Top Floor
Union Poultry Estate
United Grocers Building
Valley View Heights Lot 1
Valley View Heights Lot 26
Valley View Heights Lot 27
Valley View Heights Lot 64
Valley View Heights Lot 65
Valley View Heights Lot 66
Valley View Heights Lot 68
Valley View Heights Lot 69
Victoria Hotel
View Point Hill
Villa Brun
Villa Margot
Villa No. 11
Villa No. 129
Villa Zanzibar
Villamar Studio Apartments
Vincennes Lot 34
Vineyard Estate
W. E. Julien Building No 3
Waterfront Villa
Waterloo No 1
Waters Edge
Welcome Retreat Easterly
Welcome Retreat Lot No 2
Westerhall Estate Lot
Westerhall Heights Development No 75
Westerhall Hilltop Lot
Westerhall Lot No. 76
Westerhall Main Road
Westerhall Main Road Lot
Westerhall Point Lot 1A
Westerhall Point No 74
Westerhall Point Waterfront Lot
White House Apartment Building
White Island
Woburn Heights
Woburn Hillside Lot
Woodford Seaview Lot
Woodlands Lot
Woodlands Lot 40
Woodlands Lot 8
Woodlands Lot No. 11
Woodlands Mini Mall No. 1
Woodlands Mini Mall No. 2
Woodlands Residence No 1
Wuthering Heights
Yellow Horn Top Floor