Property Tools

At Terra Caribbean, we strive to provide the highest levels of service to customers who are looking to purchase, sell or rent properties in Trinidad and the Caribbean. This includes giving you the tools, information and resources that help you make informed and confident decisions. Below, you will find some helpful property tools that you use at your leisure while our team works on finding your residential or commercial property. 

Mortgage Calculator

Enter the following details and calculate the approximate value of the mortgage payments on the new property in Trinidad you may be considering. Please note that these are only estimates. Before proceeding, we recommend that you contact your bank or financial institution for a firm quotation. 

First Payment Year*
Mortgage Amount*
Interest Rate (%)*
Mortgage Length*
Payment Frequency*
Total Interest Charges

Land Tax Calculator

Use our land tax calculator to find out approximately how much tax would be owed on your Trinidad property every year. If you’re interested in a specific property in Trinidad, our team can verify these amounts and provide additional guidance, if required.  

Property Type*
Property Value ($TT)*
Taxes Due ($TT)

Currency Convertor

If you would like to know the value of a Trinidad property in a different currency, simply enter the price of the property. Select the original and desired currencies, and press the convert button. The derived value should only serve as a general estimated conversion. For accurate trading rates, please contact your financial institution.

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