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Terra has more than fifteen years experience servicing Condominiums (PUPs) and Property Owner Associations (POAs) properties in Barbados.  From inception, developers have sought our inputs on both budgeting and planning, as well as our expertise on ongoing operational matters.  Our experienced understanding of the Condominium Act and Bye-laws allows for efficient deployment of required corporate governance.  Our range of services ensures the effective function of the property without your direct daily involvement. 


Leith Court

We effect proactive procedures to ensure that the fabric of the building together with MEP, Technical Services and external areas are maintained to specification utilizing best practices, and to comply with all applicable health and safety codes and regulations.

 Planned preventative maintenance of the property, plant, and equipment is scheduled at appropriate times and intervals to minimize disruption to business. Service records are maintained for reference and to support service forecasting and capital works estimating.

 A collaborative work order system will be deployed to track the resolution of maintenance issues from submission, assignment, monitoring, verification, and through to acceptance.  This is augmented with the use of digital photography, checklists, and the development of standard operating procedures for each property. 



Terra Caribbean is constantly endeavouring to obtain the best service providers for our clients, at the most competitive costs.  We invite comparative tenders based on the scope of works, and manage the appointment of the appropriate contractors. 

Service Providers are measured against property requirements and relevant competitors, to ensure that service levels and costs are reasonable and customary.  Service Level Agreements and Maintenance Contracts are reviewed, and revised as required, and engagements monitored and evaluated to ensure that an equitable relationship is maintained, and that services are delivered in a timely, professional and complete manner.

Building Improvements

Routine improvements in response to reactive maintenance and planned preventative maintenance will be undertaken as outlined above.  These improvements will be executed under this management contract. We schedule the required resources, initiate works against an agreed method statement, monitor and report on work in progress, review and approve staged applications for payment, verify work is to required standard, and accept completed works.

 Routine inspections, to identify issues in their earliest stage, will be conducted by our qualified staff and in-network service providers, and will form the basis of a recommended building improvements schedule and further support a five-year capital works budget, which will be updated annually.

 We remain available to facilitate the management of approved major capital works as instructed by the client, for which a separate construction/project administration fee would apply based on the scope of work.  We are also available to facilitate the supervision of fit out of interior spaces by providing budgeting and quality controls, for which a separate commissioning fee would apply.

Health & Safety

Co-ordination of fire drills and evacuation procedures

We enact contingency plans for all risks and disaster related incidents.  We establish and issue an evacuation plan for the buildings in event of fire or tsunami.

Maintenance and service of all fire equipment is performed regularly to ensure that this remains in satisfactory working condition.  We ensure that all signage and requirements for regulatory purposes are observed and installed as required


We prepare and submit comprehensive quarterly management reports on the status and condition of the facility, any major maintenance issue or unusual incidents, supported by digital photography as appropriate.

24-Hour Emergency

Terra maintains a 24/7 Hotline service to answer and respond to emergency calls, and coordinate with subcontractors as necessary.  The assigned Facility Manager will be the principal point of contact.  Escalation procedures will identify appropriate first responders up to and including the department leader.


In collaboration with the Board, we submit an annual operating budget to accurately forecast anticipated expenditure for the property and recommend appropriate fees, and accumulation of a Consolidated Fund. We maintain accurate and current accounts – prepare and submit quarterly reports of the financial status including a Budget Comparative Income Statement to ensure the efficient, cost effective running of the condominium and transparency in all transactions.

We arrange all nominal office/accounting practices – correspondence, filing, invoicing for fees, collecting assessments from owners, banking of funds, paying of bills, management of payroll, and preparation of annual accounts for audit.

Corporate Governance

We oversee the legal requirements associated with the Condominium Declaration and Byelaws, and ensure compliance with covenants/rules. Under instruction from the Board of Directors we schedule, attend, and minute the Annual General Meeting, and Directors' meetings as required.