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Frequently Asked Questions

What is facility management?

This is administration of both the physical facility and financial management of a property to achieve the objectives of the property owners by generating income for the owners, and preserving or increasing the value of an investment property.

Why do I need a facility manager?

Having a facility manager provides you the owner with a manager, backed by a robust team, who has the knowledge and experience to handle all the aspects of this job and allows you to avoid personal involvement with the daily administration of the property.

 What are some of the ‘areas’ a facility manager handles?

The facility manager must anticipate and identify the needs of the property/owner and respond to those needs in a timely, effective and cost efficient manner.  Services include collecting rents and paying of all bills, providing monthly account statements, planning all preventative maintenance and overseeing all emergency maintenance issues, handling tenant queries, and overseeing lease management.

 What are your fees?

Fees are a flat monthly charge and vary according to the features and different requirements of the property. This charge can be given after an initial site inspection of the property and a discussion with owners to assess their specific needs. Each property is different and unique, and our fees are structured to reflect the required services.

 Will you be available if there is an emergency during off hours?

Terra Caribbean has a 24/7 emergency hotline +246 434 9002 

 What type of properties do you manage?

Terra Caribbean can manage any type of property. Our services extend to commercial (retail & office), Proprietor Unit Plans (Condominiums) and Property/Home Owner Associations ( townhouse developments).