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Time with Terra Episode 2

The Process of Buying Property in Grenada
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
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Welcome to our second episode of Time with Terra; our web series dedicated to keeping you in the know. This episode features Mrs. Renee Charles, our Brokerage Manager, along with two of Grenada’s banking industry experts: Mr. Musa Jasat, Country Manager of the RBTT Bank Grenada Ltd. and Mrs. Florence Williams, Executive Manager-Loans & Credit Administration of the Ariza Credit Union Ltd.

Buying property is often one of the largest investments an individual will make in their lifetime, and the process involves many stakeholders. Typically, a realtor, a financier, lawyers, a valuer and a surveyor are involved. Therefore, on this episode, we have invited Mrs. Williams and Mr. Jasat to assist us with providing vital information on the topic. Click to view the full episode. 

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