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Why List with Terra Caribbean?

Friday, February 14, 2020 | By Omar Watson, Real Estate Agent
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Why should you list with Terra Caribbean; a shorter blog would be Why WOULDN’T you list with Terra Caribbean. From an internal perspective knowing what we know of ourselves and others in the market the list of benefits and advantages go on almost indefinitely but for the purpose of this blog and to make sure I do not drag on losing you, the reader, in the melee of proven facts with biased opinion as the icing I will stick to just the Top 3 reasons for consideration.

The Team

As far as super teams go I’d probably go with the Avengers as my #1 pick followed very closely by the Terra Caribbean/Terra Luxury Brokerage Teams and the only reason the Avengers get to keep the top spot is because a lot of them can fly while we still navigate the rush hour, lunch time and school traffic to ply our trade. 

15 Agents from diverse backgrounds with cumulatively over 100 years of Real Estate experience locally and abroad all with the same assignment; to SELL/RENT YOUR PROPERTY! Terra boasts the largest Real Estate brokerage team in Barbados which if you understand odds at all would tell you this team gives your property the best chance of being sold or rented. And if the size of the team alone doesn’t convince you be sure to consider the individuals; all hand picked because of a proven skillset, all trained up to the highest standard of service delivery, all seeded with incomparable industry knowledge and all ready and willing to exceed your expectations. 

Every superhero needs in-house support, right? The guy who monitors police frequencies, listens in on the news, marks the trends and tells you where the crime fighting opportunities are; that’s the Terra Marketing Team. Maintaining a gold standard across all forms of Marketing whether it be print, digital or social the Terra team ensures that your property reaches the eyes of as many potential prospects both directly and indirectly as possible. And I’m not talking paper planes in the wind here, I mean real targeted and purposeful content creation and distribution to give you the best opportunities of getting your property moved. We’re not fighting crime or saving the world but that doesn’t keep us from having a pretty awesome team. 

The Tech

Because where would Iron Man be without his armor, willpower and tenacity will only get you so far. You need to be armed with the latest technology has to offer to be able to compete and deliver on client expectations. There is no shortage of listings around, no shortage of options for the potential buyer or renter. Getting the right prospect to look at YOUR property is like finding a needle in a haystack. What does the Terra option give you? 

Terra’s proprietary data management system, which probably rivals most law enforcement agency systems, ensures that every property is a click away from a possible lead. Once the property has been listed with Terra, agents are able to see if the property pairs with any of their existing/new leads. Before a single phone call is even made or sign installed, our agents are able to inform potential clients about the property. A database management system that concise means when the phone rings and someone shopping around asks for a single storey house, with a galvanize roof, which allows pets, has a sea view, AC in the Master, sits on exactly 6,941 sq. ft. of land, was built in 2004, has marble tiles and a water tank in the yard you can bet that if your property has that, they will see it first! Terra makes meaningful introductions that get your property moved!

The Brand

You say Terra Caribbean and they know who you’re talking about, they know what you’re about. A Brand is so much more than a fancy logo and a snazzy sales pitch. We all are proponents of brand recognition whether with the food we eat, the clothes we wear or even the cars we drive. When we find a brand that delivers we stick to it, we trust it, we advocate it and we encourage others to use it. That’s what you get with Terra Caribbean, a brand that delivers and that people trust through all service lines Brokerage, Property Management, Facilities Management and Valuations. It’s a brand that has stood the test of time, one that people trust to set them on the right path to getting what they want, a brand so deeply entrenched in the industry it’s a synonym for “Real Estate”. 

So back to my original innuendo, “Why wouldn’t you list with Terra Caribbean?”.


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