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What can $2m buy today? January 2017

Monday, January 22, 2018 | By Terra Caribbean
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Written January 2017

With a New Year ahead, a slower market than 2016 and a depreciating currency, many of our clients ask us:

What can money buy these days? 
To truly understand the buying power of $2m today and the time value of money, we first reviewed what $2m bought in past years. In our realistic analysis, we took into consideration, location and condition of these listings, our fluctuating inflation rate and stayed within a range of $1.8m to $2m.

What can $2m buy - jan 2017

The upward trend in property prices over the last 10 years is obvious. What’s not obvious is what you purchase dollar for dollar; year on year the land and livable space decreases as pricing increases. Consequently, the price ceiling for a middle-income family dwelling has risen by approximately 40% in the last decade, despite a current inflation rate below 5%.

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