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Commercial Property Hurricane Preparedness Tips

What to do during the hurricane and in the aftermath
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 | By Terra Caribbean
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As the hurricane season falls between June through November, we’ve compiled some easy to read tips from our expert Facility Managers to ensure your commercial property is well-prepared. These tips are extremely helpful in securing your commercial property in the event of adverse weather conditions. Our Facility Managers not only focus on preparedness but also provide tips on what to do during the hurricane and in the aftermath.


Tip #1: Make sure that yourproperty insurance is up to date.

 Tip #2: Circulate a documented plan in place for facility, tenants and staff (security)

 Tip #3: Assess the condition of trees prior to the start of the season. Trim or cut branches likely to cause damage.

 Tip #4: Conduct a walk through of the property, checking for any damage.

 Tip #5: Ensure all equipment is in good repair and ready for use. Service/repair shutters, service generators and ensure the reserve tank for the generator has an adequate supply of diesel stored.

 Tip #6: Retract awnings and ensure all gutters have been cleared and there are no loose objects on the roof of the building. Ensure all lounge chairs, patio furniture and other loose items are brought indoors.

 Tip #7: Protect doors that are not water tight with sandbags.

 Tip #8: Remember to turn off your irrigation system at the onset of a storm/hurricane, as you may actually need it for a few days. If your property has a pool, lower the water level in the swimming pool.

 Tip #9: Make sure your telephone contacts are up-to-date for service providers, emergency services, tenants and insurance brokers. It's always a good idea to have a power pack for your cell phone and keep batteries on hand for your radio.

 Tip #10: If your commercial property has an elevator, ensure all entryways are secured properly to prevent water from getting into the elevators. It's a good idea to bring your elevator to the lowest floor and power it down.

 Tip #11: Have several contacts on hand for a clean up crew to come out as soon as the all clear is given and insurance assessments are completed.



Tip #12: Stay indoors and wait while keeping close to your radio. Keep up to date with government information.

Tip #13: Stay in touch with staff members and tenants to make sure that everyone is safe. If possible, get regular updates from security on any damage to the building.



Tip #14: Wait until government authorities give the all clear.

Tip #15: Check in with your tenants to ascertain their condition.

Tip #16: Document in full detail any damage to the property and submit claims to insurance as soon as possible.

Tip #17: Contact your clean up crew to clean up after the assessment of all damages.


If you’d like to leave this to the experts, contact our facility management team today for help with managing your commercial property!

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