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Rental Property Standards

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 | By Terra Caribbean
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Making a property ready for the rental market is largely straightforward, the property must be clean, well maintained and ideally in a desirable area. Clients in the corporate rental sector are often diplomats or workers in the international business corporations and have housing included in their employment package. These requirements while not essential for the general rental market may be necessary for a property to be considered suitable for some of these clients. Some examples of common requirements can be seen below.



  • Smoke detectors installed in each bedroom, corridors leading to bedrooms, and at the top of internal stairwells.
  • Floors not containing a bedroom should have at least one smoke detector
  • Pools should ahve a 4 ft. isolation barrier with self-closing and latching fixtures on all access points
  • Pool depths should be clearly marked and 'no diving' signs put in place
  • Pool rescue equipment available (Shepherd's crook, pole, ring buoy) and placed in an easy accessible area


  • Security grills/bars on all windows
  • Hinged emergency exit feature on at least one window grill in each bedroom
  • Property should be fully enclosed by a fence or wall
  • Automated electric entry gate on driveway entrance
  • Security alarm system installed

Fall Protection

  • All handrails should be at least 42" in height and no more than 4" for gaps in the railing
  • Any staircase with more than 4 steps should have a railing


In addition to those mentioned, other stipulations may be made to ensure the dwelling is in line with construction standards including placement of air conditioner condensers, the height of stairs or level changes and access to bathroom amenities like standing bathtubs.  Quality of life features like central air-conditioning in common areas, fully modernised kitchens and bathrooms and internet access(wifi) may not be on the list of an organisations requirments but can often be of great importance to prospective tenants.

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