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What Parents Should Know About Finding Childcare in Barbados

Friday, November 19, 2021 | By Terra Caribbean
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With the island’s laid-back and fun-loving culture, Barbados remains a beautiful destination for families to come and share in the white sands and warm sun. However, not every vacation destination has the resources parents need. Let’s discuss what parents should know about finding childcare in Barbados before they move to the island.

Access To Daycares Across the Island

There are several daycares across Barbados for visiting parents and residents alike to choose from. As with any daycare, it’s essential to read reviews and seek information regarding the company’s credibility. Not every daycare on the island is associated with the Barbados Child Care Board. While this doesn’t mean their facilities are not trustworthy, it is a factor worth considering as parents look between daycares.

Babysitters and Specialized Nannies

Barbados has an extensive network of babysitters and nannies, including those working with care-providing companies and individual caretakers. Babysitter services on the island tend to cost 5 USD an hour and up, though specialized nannies may charge more. Families seeking bi-lingual caretakers or babysitters with special needs experience find their needs easily met by the variety of services the island has to offer.

Tourism-Focused Childcare

One thing parents should know about finding childcare in Barbados is that, as an island structured around tourism, Barbados offers several temporary services focused on giving parents a chance to get away. For example, services like Trusted Care Providers offer emergency nannies on short notice when your plans suddenly change. When visiting the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, parents can freely experience the cinemas and shopping mall while their child has fun on-site at Playcreation.

With childcare options and entertainment for every age group, Barbados remains one of the most family-friendly islands in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a big change and feel Barbados is the right destination for you, we at Terra Caribbean are here to help.

Our expert team can help you explore Barbados properties for sale and find the location that best suits your family’s needs. Feel free to explore our online listings or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find your island dream home.

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