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Tuesday, December 17, 2019 | By Lisanne Graham, Leader - Advisory Services
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Property Transactions can be stressful and one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you are looking to buy, sell or lease - whether a residential house or apartment, commercial office, warehouse or retail store - we can help! You may know our team primarily as Valuers but we also provide Advisory services such as Rent Reviews and Pricing Analysis, Market and Feasibility Studies. But what exactly do these entail?

Market Valuations

Knowing the value of your property drives your decision-making. Our valuations are used to support various transactions between buyers and sellers in the open market, as well as to assist various parties in making equitable transfers of ownership. Typically valuations may be required: -

  • To set an asking price for the sale of a property
  • To establish an offer price for the purchase of a property
  • For insurance purposes
  • To secure a loan/mortgage
  • For financial reporting
  • For recoveries/foreclosures
  • For divorce settlements
  • For estate settlements

Rent Reviews and Pricing Analysis

A Market study can be requested to obtain current market data for residential or commercial properties, and land, based on comparable properties. A Rent Review is a type of Market Study where based on your requirements, we can conduct research of achieved rental rates, and current listings by location, property type, and size, to identify the optimal rent for a property as dictated by the market. Similar to Rent Reviews, Pricing Analysis are used to guide the determination of sale prices for property. Need help pricing your condo or housing development? We can look at the property design, finishes and other specifications, and research similar offerings on the market, achieved sale prices and absorption rates, and adjust this data for similar individual single properties or developments to identify a price range for the property. This analysis can be done at any time, but is most effective when completed prior to construction or marketing of the property.

Market & Feasibility Studies

We can conduct Market Analysis to identify the levels of demand and supply that will create a market for any proposed development at a specified price. We also perform Feasibility Studies to test whether the offering as planned, is likely to be successful in the market. Do you have an old dilapidated property with good bones, or a vacant piece of land in a great location but aren’t sure how to use or develop it? Call us for assistance with a Highest & Best Use study. In this type of feasibility analysis we identify possible development opportunities for the property and test them to see which option is the most maximally productive and results in the highest value of the property. This type of analysis gives you both a current valuation of the property, and an idea of how you can best use it to maximize your investment.

Whatever your needs feel free to give us a call.

We’re always happy to help!

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