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Tuesday, November 26, 2019 | By Dominique Harris, Project Coordinator
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Before making my recent transition to Real Estate, I worked as a Facility Manager for eight years. I wondered how my prior experience would benefit my clients, and happy to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

Being trained by one of the best FM leaders in the industry, not only have I developed a keen eye for detail, but I’m confident that I have a good understanding on property requirements, maintenance and running costs. Having mobilized two commercial buildings from the construction phase, I appreciate what it takes to run a property at peak efficiency.

Here’s what I would advise clients:  

  • Equipment needs to be serviced, even if it’s new! The frequency is dependent on use and age of the equipment
  • Before replacing something, investigate the options. There may be a more cost-effective way to extend its life (Thinking equipment or structural)
  • It’s always a good idea to budget for maintenance. Scheduled on-going maintenance will extend your property and equipment lifespan. This not only adds value but will offer high returns in the future
  • Everyone needs a little guidance around suppliers and contractors. When purchasing a property, you may need to renovate, add some landscaping, a security system, back up water supply, PV System etc. Your choice should be reputable and have insurance coverage  
  • Health & Safety requirements – something to familiarize yourself with when renting or purchasing commercial property
  • Document/ Log your utility usage – understand what your property should be consuming

That being said, I’ve enjoyed the new challenge and look forward to what may come! Change is uncomfortable most of the time, but it’s important for growth. Embrace it and turn it into something wonderful :)

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