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You Moved In...Now What?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | By Rosey McCartney, Real Estate Agent
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This one goes out especially to my millennial allies who left the fort or to those who are thinking about it… have a read, this might be a useful one for you!

Firstly, let me break down what a real estate agent is in 2 words – Problem Solver. Get yourself an agent that actually listens to what you want even if it might seem a little unreasonable in your mind. Guess what, we aren’t magicians but we are resourceful and fueled solely by Jesus juice (caffeine). We will find you what you want even if it takes every ounce of coffee in the pot!

We do our best to find you the best options on the market that might fit your requirements. There are few things more frustrating than having an agent who is focused on ‘tellin’ and ‘sellin’ you what they have on their books even if it doesn’t align with what you want.

You should never leave a transaction feeling as if some sort of value has been added to your life or as if you were hounded down. Finding a home should be fun, hassle free and exciting. It’s a HUGE transition you’re embarking on and I’m here to shed some light on what no one tells you. 

So let's crack into it shall we?


1. Bob the Builder

Get yourself a basic tool kit. No one is asking you to go and do a carpentry course or use 'The Google' on how to build a table. But think about it, lightbulbs need to be changed etc and you don't want to be that tenant who calls their landlord for every minor problem you have. Contrary to popular belief, your landlord does not want to come on down to unscrew your light fixture for you. Don't be that person.

2. I command you not to do this

That bare wall would look great with some trendy art work wouldn't it? Usually your landlord will allow you to drill their wall once you "leave it as you found it". Which essentially entails you patching all the holes and repainting the wall. In other words, a whole expense you don't want when you move out! If you can avoid drilling, purchase some command hooks. They are as effective and if you're anything like me and don't know the first thing about a power drill, it's much simpler to use!

3. The flu is coming for you

When you live at home with your parents, there is a medicine drawer that always has all the good stuff to make you feel better right? When you live alone, that medicine drawer doesn't exist. You gots to be proactive and add this to your grocery list. Because one morning you're going to wake up with a fever and there will be no majestic panadol within arms reach.

4. Don't be in denial about the frozen isle

Truth be told if you recently moved out, you probably are hustling in your job and making enough money to do this adulting thing on your own. After a long day of work, you can't fathom standing in-front of a stove and making dinner. (This is when we respect our parents the most for doing this for us for 18+ years!). Do yourself a favor in the supermarket and pick up some easy to prep meals. Ramen you're out. Grab a few items out of the frozen section. I know, I know, the frozen section can't have any wholesome healthy food right? Surprise, surprise; they do. Keep an eye out for whole-food ingredients that are recognizable like 100% whole grains, chicken, shrimp, beans etc as the first ingredient. It's much healthier than swinging through Chefette, it saves you time and your bank account won't be watching you cross eyed.

5. If you don't budget, your bank account is going to plummet!

Some of us are spreadsheet guilty (like me), some of us perform warped calculations in our mind and some of us wing it. Regardless of what you do, when you move out what you expect to spend and what you actually spend can become overwhelming. Not enough people speak about it but the pressure you feel to stay afloat as a young independent person can take a toll on you. So here is what I can suggest to ease you

  1. If you can find a roommate, do it! It goes without saying but splitting the costs for rent/utilities goes a long way and you're able to get a bigger space
  2. If you do have a roommate, make sure you have your own space and set boundaries
  3. Install LED lights. Just do it and thank me later
  4. Cheapside, Popular and Solo are your friends. Go visit them :)
  5. Generic brands actually won't kill you (:
  6. Double check to turn off your lights, fans, Acs, etc when you leave home. Trust me, it adds up.
  7. Invite friends over instead of going out and make it into a Potluck. If you're anything like me and cooking is not your forte... provide the booze. Your friends will appreciate you more for this.
  8. Before you buy anything, check Amazon to see if you can get it cheaper and ask your carrier company how much it will cost to bring it in or send it to a friend who's coming to the Rock soon.


So you might be wondering why I'm writing this blog and suggesting these tips? A year ago I was given this incredible opportunity to relocate over 80 faculty members from RUSM in just a 6 month period. These are just a few of the tips which helped them have smooth transitions and trust me... there is so much more I can recommend!

If you're thinking of leaving the nest, I'd love to help you find the most ideal home for you and to advise you the best ways to not only save money but to save you from the endless stresses that come with moving!

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