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Terra Caribbean Releases 11th Edition of The Red Book

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | By Gemma Holder
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BARBADOS (April 25, 2018) – The Terra Group, a well-established and reputable real estate leader in Barbados serving all market segments through its brands Terra Caribbean, Terra Luxury and Blue Sky Luxury, today announced the release of its annual Barbados real estate insights publication, The Red Book 2018.  

This year, readers can expect “Red Book 2.0’— a newly revamped edition with an easy-to-read layout which highlights knowledge through the book. Key insights and articles are spread among real estate listings, offering about 30% more real estate data than any previous Red Book. Flipping through the 140-page publication, readers can browse information such as the Statistical Tourism Reference Guide, Insights into the Villa Rental Market, the Land Price Index and the Condo Indices.

A must-read for all is ‘Price in the New Market’ by Hayden Hutton, Chief Operating Officer at The Terra Group. Facts and figures presented in the article support the opening statement from this real estate veteran: “How much longer can we continue to be romantic about the glory days of 2008? Property values have changed substantially since then, however property ‘prices’ have not necessarily followed suit.”

Whether a first-time home buyer, luxury property investor or commercial developer, the Red Book has insights for everyone. For instance, this latest edition also features a ‘to-the-point’ guide to help first-time buyers get familiar with the property market and buying process. It also covers very topical market discussions including how the high watermark impacts beachfront property owners as well as a first-ever regional analysis of the broader Caribbean real estate market.  

‘We believe that an informed market place makes better decisions,” explains Andrew Mallalieu, Chief Executive at The Terra Group. “That’s why in this 11th edition of The Red Book, we’ve provided readers with even more value and data. The Red Book reflects our passion for knowledge, and we hope that every reader will find our latest edition to be even more insightful and useful regarding real estate investment.”

To download The Red Book 2018, click here. Visitors will find a dedicated Red Book page that includes commentary videos relating to all articles and topics, and words from Andrew and Hayden.


About The Terra Group

The Terra Group offers clients a comprehensive suite of real estate and holiday rental services through its brands Terra Caribbean, Terra Luxury, and Blue Sky Luxury. Dedicated teams and resources serve each segment of the Barbados real estate market, including sales, long-term rentals, property and facility management, holiday rentals, and advisory. The Terra Group offers clients over 60 years of real-estate experience and a passion for accumulating, banking and then sharing knowledge to ensure that clients feel comfortable and confident making informed decisions. The Terra Group continues to actively invest in knowledge, resources and new initiatives to refine its portfolio of real estate services and to better serve its clients.

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