St. Lucia

Selling Property in St. Lucia

How We Sell Your Property

Whether your property is a family home, commercial building, or prime lot of land, its unique qualities should be reflected in the way it’s marketed. As a leading full-service real estate firm in St. Lucia, we have perfected our sales strategy in six steps. Here’s what you can expect when working with Terra Caribbean to sell your property in St. Lucia.

Understanding your objectives

The clients and properties that we represent at Terra Caribbean are unique. That’s why we believe it’s important to take the time to get to know you and your objectives. Whether you have specific preferences regarding the timing or conditions of the sale, or any other aspect, we actively listen. This information allows us to build sales and marketing strategies that are tailored to meet your specific goals when you want to sell your property in St. Lucia.

Setting the Price

The marketing of any property begins with a comprehensive assessment of the current real estate market. At Terra Caribbean, we are passionate about knowledge and invest heavily in acquiring and banking market data that serves you in the sale of your property. We show our clients detailed market information from our database, including recent sales and list prices of other comparable properties. Together, we are then able to determine a marketing price that best reflects your home, commercial space or land in St. Lucia.

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After studying the market together, our next step is to identify and inform you of the likely buyer profile for property in St Lucia. The buyer profile allows us to discuss and implement sales and marketing strategies that are sure to attract your ideal buyer. There is little guesswork in what we do. We use relevant information based on facts and data, and collaborate with you to plan sales and marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Going To Market

Once we have agreed upon the marketing strategy for your property, our team begins all the pre-sales initiatives. Through our extensive database, agents, branded signage, print advertising and our SEO-friendly website, we maximize the visibility of your property in St. Lucia and through the region.

Keeping You Informed

As our agents actively showcase your property, our intelligent real estate system works behind the scenes to uniquely match your property to ideal buyers within our extensive database. Once vetted by the agent, the prospects are immediately notified of your listing. You can sign in to our unique Seller’s Dashboard to view reports on the sales activity of your property from email campaigns, number of weekly property showings, and more. Through your Seller’s Dashboard, you can stay informed on what’s happening with the sale of your property at all times, and see how we are always working for you.

Completing the Sale

To ensure discretion and efficiency, we prequalify each client prior to showing your property. We then communicate any offer to you in writing, including our feedback and recommendations. Once the offer is accepted, we will then handle the initial attorney instructions and assist with any other practical matters, making sure the sale is expertly and efficiently managed.

For more information on how we can help you sell your property in St. Lucia, please contact us.