The location of the Grove development is perfect for two major reasons - convenience and charm. The development is conveniently located in the north west of Christ Church, close to the St. Michael and St. George borders.

Therefore, the development is close to all major highways and several amenities. Within 15 minutes’ drive from this Christ Church development are schools, gas stations, supermarkets, banks, shopping malls, restaurants, sporting complexes, beaches and more.

In addition to this, the lots offer a pleasant, breezy atmosphere reminiscent of the cool Barbadian countryside. Proud first time and veteran owners of these Christ Church lots all agree that the Grove development offers one of the best locations to buy land in Barbados!


  • 2.37 km Wills Primary School
  • 4.45 km St. Winifred's Primary School
  • 4.45 km St. Winifred's Secondary School
  • 5.02 km St. Gabriel's School
  • 5.02 km St. Angela's Primary School
  • 5.02 km St. Ursula's Girl's Secondary School
  • 5.03 km St. Francis Boys School
  • 2.56 km Luigi's
  • 2.68 km Pure Ocean
  • 2.94 km Cafe Sol
  • 2.98 km Apsara
  • 2.99 km Primo
  • 3.39 km The Chopping Board (Mojo's)
  • 3.56 km Champers
  • 4.18 km Tapas
  • 4.71 km Buzo
  • 4.09 km Cafe Luna
Museums and Historical Sights
  • 4.74 km Garrison Historical Area
  • 4.74 km Barbados Museum
  • 5.23 km George Washington House
  • 2.84 km Dover Beach
  • 3.72 km Accra Beach
  • 3.09 km Rockley Tennis Club
  • 3.99 km Barbados Golf Club