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The Roller Coaster of Real Estate

Thursday, November 07, 2019 | By Laura Rotchell, Real Estate Agent
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Purchasing a home can be exciting yet daunting for most. As agents our ideal is to ensure that wondrous feeling of excitement remains throughout the process, regardless of the hurdles we are sure to encounter along the way - trust me there are always hurdles or as the title would have it loops and turns.

As an agent, my job is to ensure that I understand each and every one of your needs and how they might evolve. The process before the handover of keys can be intimidating and somewhat prolonged, especially when financing has to be secured. Communication between banks, attorneys and clients more often than not fall on the shoulders of your agent - who is hopefully blessed with patience and a healthy relationship with coffee.

A responsive agent, keen on assisting through every aspect of your journey is a must. No matter how small the detail, the process runs much smoother when you feel like there’s a hand to hold.

TIP - Regular updates ensure the client’s interest is always kept; this is particularly important if they live overseas!


Back to the topic at hand...

Why is Real Estate a Roller Coaster?

Starting the process with a client is equivalent to waiting in line for that “most talked about” ride at the theme park. It’s exciting, it's new! But you forget that the ride is laden with surprises. You forget that along with the highs come the lows. You forget that you’re actually a thrill-seeker, a chaser and an expert in getting on and off the ride – or else you wouldn’t be an agent!

Sometimes the process leaves you as winded as your client but like any true adrenaline junkie, the ride is always worth it. My most recent ride, though shortened for you here, involved a very keen international purchaser and unfortunately, an inefficient attorney (let’s just say he’s still working with dial-up).

Essentially, we were issued an incomplete Sale Agreement and six weeks later, still no response from said attorney on completing the agreement and proceeding with the sale. Thankfully, the purchaser unlike most didn’t get motion sickness at the thought of this ride being prolonged. With the Vendor’s approval, the purchaser’s attorney was given the go-ahead to rewrite the Sale Agreement in order to formally exchange contracts and to expedite the process – Thank you, Jesus! (the ride was over).

TIP - A Real Estate agent should use their initiative where applicable to solve problems quickly & efficiently. Communicating solutions to their clients as opposed to issues.

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