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Is a Gated Community a Good Choice?

Posted By Hanz

Q: Should I purchase within a gated community or not?

A: Gated communities are relatively new, with the first, Royal Westmoreland, emerging in the mid 1990s. For owners who only plan to spend a few weeks or months in Barbados, gated and amenitized communities are particularly attractive, with recent sales suggesting that buyers perceive it less risky to purchase within these neighbourhoods. These types of neighbourhoods offer:

 •    Exclusivity and added security,

•    The benefit of sharing expenses among owners enjoying on-site amenities

•    Landscaped surroundings and well-maintained open spaces within a master-planned development

•    Some communities provide on-site management, rental and maintenance services

•    Development covenants and by-laws with a committee of owners overseeing the smooth running of the development.

•    On-site social interaction with other owners and renters

Stand-alone properties within desirable communities like the original exclusive enclaves at Polo Ridge and Sandy Lane Estate continue to be the most sought-after addresses in Barbados.  More recent additions are Turtleback Ridge, Lancaster Ridge, Carlton View and Prior Park Crescent. Purchasing a property in these areas affords:

 •   More control over costs as there are no community fees

•    Each owner can choose and pay for the level of security required

•    More flexibility when building or renovating (neighbourhood building covenants may apply)

•    More freedom to keep domestic pets, subject to neighbourhood covenants 

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