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Getting an informed valuation on your property is not always as easy as it seems. At Terra, we have innovated the valuation process, using professionally qualified and experienced personnel, new ideas and new technology. Our focus on Real Estate knowledge-bases allows us to provide you with relevant comparables and supporting information. The result for you is a clear and comprehensive report and an accurate opinion.

Terra Caribbean is accredited to undertake valuations by the major Banks, Insurance companies and Finance houses in Trinidad and Tobago. Our team can assist in the following areas:

  • Acquisition or disposition
  • To establish lease or rental values
  • To establish collateral value for mortgage purposes
  • Balance sheet reporting
  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Development appraisal
  • Property taxation

Fee Schedule

0.25% of Valuation Opinion

e.g. Valuation = $1,000,000.00 TT

Fee = $2,500.00 TT plus VAT

For values over $10,000,000 TT the fees are negotiable

Note: The above reflects the base rate and is applicable to situations where all relevant information is available and no additional work, over and above the normal level of work required to complete a similar type valuation exercise is needed. Where additional work is required, appropriate adjustments will have to be made to reflect the nature and extent of such extra work.

Requirements For Valuation

  • Copy of Deed and/or Agreement for Sale
  • Copy of Cadastral Plan
  • Deposit of $1,500.00 TT for residential properties and $2,500.00 TT for commercial properties
  • TCP approval where applicable
  • Building plans where applicable
  • Utility bills where applicable
  • Rates and taxes where applicable
  • Insurance premium where applicable
  • Leases where applicable
  • Directions and access to property

Payments can be made at any branch of FCB to account no. 1446057 and the deposit slip faxed to 628-1715 or emailed to with your contact information. Alternatively you can come into our office where one of our friendly staff would be happy to assist you.