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Grenada Property Valuations


As economic and social conditions change, risk in real estate increases; that’s why accurate advice is needed to make sound property investments and purchases. At Terra Caribbean, we realise the need for sound property valuations. We have innovated the appraisal process using trained professionals and modern technology. We utilize the three commonly recognized valuation approaches namely Direct Comparison method, Replacement Cost (based on current construction costs) and Income Capitalization Approach. Our extensive database, which encompasses the majority of listings and transactions in Grenada, enables us to provide excellent comparables resulting in a comprehensive report and opinion. Our professionals are recognized as leading valuers by the islands major commercial banks. Major investors, key local entrepreneurs as well as local individuals have engaged our team to conduct appraisal services. Our valuations are used to support various transactions between buyers and sellers in the open market, as well as assist financing institutions to make decisions with regard to the value of security financing and debt recovery situations.