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Barbados Property Management

The primary function of our Barbados property management division is to achieve the identified objectives of the property owner, in terms of income generation, value enhancement and personal enjoyment. Our property managers and administrators diligently manage the interests and properties of our clients who desire to rent their Barbados property over the long or short term. Our team administers provide a wide range of rentals from small properties to large commercial properties and provide a comprehensive range of services, ensuring both landlord and tenant satisfaction.

At Terra Caribbean we recognize that every engagement is unique and as such our Barbados property contracts clearly outline the owners objectives as well as the procedures, which we will employ to ensure that the desired results are achieved. We offer customized Barbados property management packages at owners request resulting in personalized, realistically priced programmes.

We have a 24-hour hotline (+246 430-6468), which is manned by one of our experienced Barbados property managers so that any emergencies can be dealt with promptly and as efficiently as possible. Our property team is committed to exceptional service by providing qualified, experienced and proactive personnel to manage your Barbados property.

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