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The Terra Challenge - Polo Barbados 2010

By Kim Howard on Monday, February 15, 2010

The Terra Caribbean Challenge is one of the main tournaments of the Barbados Polo Season. This year our first tournament kicks off on Thursday, February 18 at the Apes Hill Polo Club. Terra Caribbean has been a long time sponsor of polo on the island, but the history of the sport in Barbados stretches back over 100 years!

According to,

Polo was brought to Barbados by the British Calvary officers who were based in the island in the 19th century. In fact the Barbados Polo Club was formed in 1884.

The Apes Hill Polo Club is part of the 470-acre Apes Hill Club residential development in St. James. There are four polo fields used in the Barbados Polo Season. Holder’s, St. James (the oldest of the four); Clifton, St. Thomas; and Lion Castle, St. Thomas. Like Apes Hill, Lion Castle also is situated within a luxurious property development.

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